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AvePoint operates its business globally and has a diverse culture; the Tokyo office is not an exception! Our staff in Tokyo is from countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, and Australia. Some of us have even spent our school days outside of Japan in areas like the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand! To embrace and celebrate each of our cultures, we organize office events from time-to-time… read on to see what we’ve been up to lately!

Australian Day

Australian Day is a day in January to celebrate everything there is to love about Australia; from the land to the lifestyle, freedoms, and people. Our Australian employees introduced their food to us for this very occasion in January! We also enjoyed Aussie-style beers and learned a bit of Australian slang!

Chinese New Year

What better way to celebrate a holiday than with food and good company?! In early February we recognized Chinese New Year with a huge helping of dumplings, a food traditionally eaten on this holiday. We had plenty of delicious cuisine to go around and no one left the party hungry!


Hinamatsuri, also called Girls’ Day, is one of the five seasonal festivals in Japan. Platforms are used to display a set of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional kimono garments. We celebrated this day with traditional Japanese sweets called “Iga-manju.”

St. Patrick’s Day

This Irish holiday has become increasingly famous around the globe… or maybe we just wanted an excuse to wear green and drink beer! Nevertheless, we took part in the festivities during one of our recent happy hours!


In Japan, we have a custom of viewing cherry blossoms when they are in full bloom. This experience is called “Hanami,” and signals the end of the cold winter weather in Japan. We visited a local park and enjoyed a picnic under the gorgeous cherry blossom trees.

Family Day

Our families are dear to us, so we invited them into the office to have some fun! The new faces and sound of kids playing brought smiles to everyones’ faces.

Health & Wellness

The mini piglets that visited our Jersey City office last year inspired us to recently bring therapy dogs to our office! They were calm, gentle, and provided both relaxing and heartwarming moments. If only they could have stayed for longer!

We later channeled our downward dog poses in a yoga class led by an instructor in our office. It was a very refreshing, meditative day!


10th Anniversary Celebrations

Last but not least, we celebrated our Japan office hitting its 10-year milestone last year, with not one, but two parties. We hosted an in-office gathering with AvePoint-customized fairy cakes and sparkling wine. We then held an even larger event outside of the office with party games, food, drinks, and a special celebratory video to commemorate all of our hard work and achievements!

Our office is growing just as our business is, and we are looking for new faces who want to be a part of this diverse family! Please check our career website and apply today!

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