Story of My Life: Hope Gao, Customer Success Representative


As a Customer Success Representative, I proactively engage with our customers to ensure they’re utilizing our solutions and I look for ways to provide additional value and meet their needs. Customer success isn’t a one-size-fits-all model—rather, we work within our solution portfolio to really solve our customers’ problems. We’re a team that’s passionate about the benefits of our products, which is why we dedicate ourselves to helping customers get the best return on their investment. Through teamwork, we continuously partner with global teams (such as Sales, Support, and Development) to gain customer insights, improve operations, and share our value as a team.

I started my journey at AvePoint in October 2017. I recently transitioned from Business Development to Customer Success, and it’s been a great experience! I’m based in Shanghai, but I’ve already gotten the opportunity to travel to North America for training and collaboration with others on the Customer Success team. I feel supported by my global team because they’re so engaging, encouraging, helpful, and make for a positive work environment and culture. It’s been rewarding to work in a diverse role where I’m wearing both technical and customer-facing hats. I have a variety of clients at various adoption phases and enjoy helping them all. Outside of work, I’m a swimmer, traveler (recently visited Japan), and an amateur guitar player!

At AvePoint, we’ve built an environment for lifelong learners to go to the next level, sharpen their skillsets, and develop professionally and personally. Small failures are experimental, mentors will guide you, and you’re trusted and empowered to bring your full talents to the table. What will your story be at AvePoint?

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