Story Of My Life: Hayley, Customer Account Executive

Post Date: 12/01/2021
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As a Customer Account Executive at AvePoint, my days are filled with meeting with customers on their digital transformation to and throughout Microsoft 365 and how AvePoint can support that journey. Although every day is a bit different, mine always start with coffee and mapping out my to-do list! Given my primary goals are identifying and uncovering new opportunities, progressing current opportunities, and closing deals, I’ve found that having a clear plan of what I want to accomplish each day works best for me. A crucial part of my day to day includes connecting with my virtual account team (solution engineering, leadership, customer success, services, business development, partners) to prepare and strategize on how to best support our customers and progress opportunities along. Teamwork makes the dream work!

I joined AvePoint in July of 2018, and it was the best decision. I had been with my previous company for several years and was ready for a change. I knew I wanted to stay within technology, but also wanted to be intentional in the move to the right company and the right role, and then I found AvePoint! I could tell from the first few conversations I had with the recruiting and leadership teams that AvePoint was a really great company that had really great employees. On top of that from a technology perspective, the amount of innovation and experience within the industry that AvePoint had won me over almost immediately.

Prior to working at AvePoint, I spent just over 5 years selling datacenter solutions. I somewhat fell into the technology world while I was studying marketing at Ohio University. I started at my previous company in an inside sales role two weeks after graduating college, and quickly realized I loved sales and I loved IT. I then made the move into a channel sales enablement role supporting the partnership with resellers. I ultimately knew with my competitive nature, that I wanted to get back to a sales role where I was really hearing customer challenges first-hand and getting strategic to find the solutions to help them.

My favorite aspect about working at AvePoint is 100% the people. There is such a sense of teamwork in not only my immediate team, but the company as a whole. Over my 2 and half years here, I’ve seen time and time again not only the willingness but the excitement from my direct leadership, company leadership, my virtual account team, my peers, and others across the organization to get involved and help however they can. Knowing that you are supported and encouraged by your whole team really makes you want to do your best every day.

Some advice for working in sales here at AvePoint: You get what you give! (cue the music) But honestly, if you put in the time and the hard work, the opportunities are endless, especially with the amount of support we have in the AvePoint team. What will your story be at AvePoint?


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