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Dux Raymond Sy, Chief Brand Officer at AvePoint, could go on all day about what makes AvePoint so exciting. I recently sat down with Dux to learn more about the company’s milestones and goals, what makes his marketing department unique, and what he looks for when hiring new team members.

Microsoft’s Skype Team recently came to Richmond, Va. to see what it’s like to live a day in the life of our very own Dux Raymond Sy. 

First, tell us who AvePoint is.

AvePoint is the Microsoft Cloud Expert. Our industry-leading software helps customers accelerate the migration, management, and protection of their Office 365 and SharePoint environments.

What were you doing prior to joining AvePoint? What made AvePoint an exciting opportunity?

I was a managing partner at Innovative-e where we helped customers design and implement Microsoft technology-based project management solutions. AvePoint’s growth, reputation, and best-in-class solutions for the Microsoft Cloud was a natural next step for my career.

What stands out about the marketing team at AvePoint?

AvePoint’s global marketing team is comprised of highly creative and talented individuals focused on helping drive business growth. I’m honored to be working with a team that has a shared passion for delivering excellence in the midst of our ever-changing business environment.

Are there any recent milestones or accomplishments you’re excited about?

I’m grateful for our continued leadership as trusted industry advisors, as we’ve recently been awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year five years in a row!

Can you tell us about any challenges AvePoint is facing right now?

Like many software companies, the disruption of cloud technologies has drastically changed how we engage with customers. AvePoint’s agility and continued innovation allows us to lead the industry and provide the best solutions to help customers accelerate their business in the cloud.

What is your leadership approach like?

As a steward entrusted to lead the brand marketing team, I subscribe to two core beliefs about how I can help enable my marketing colleagues:

First, I encourage the team to have a Growth Mindset in which failing fast and failing often is okay – as long as we continuously improve and learn how to be better at what we do.

Second, I firmly believe in building authentic relationships with my colleagues professionally and personally, specifically through Radical Candor – being able to care personally and challenge directly to provide guidance, give feedback, and drive great results.

What makes a successful team member? What do you look for in a potential new hire?

For me, having the best skillset is secondary. What I look for in a colleague is someone who has the hunger, tenacity, and positivity to get the job done. In short, I value someone who always looks at the glass half full, with the grit to fill the glass to the brim and make it overflow.


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