#OneAvePoint: How We’re Staying Connected During Covid-19, North America Edition


We’ve been working from home for the last year now and are seeing great collaboration across all of our global offices! Departmental teams, regions, and subcommittees (a.k.a. employee interest groups) are engaging more than ever and getting creative with virtual events and meet-ups. Our employees have been reinventing how we build and strengthen our core value of teamwork.

With that said, I’d love to provide you all with a glimpse of some of the activities we’ve been up to across North America.

Last month, our Business Development Representative (BDR) Team planned a virtual escape room. The team put their heads together to “escape” an enchanted forest by solving riddles and puzzles. BDR Team Lead Sierra Doucette felt it was great to work together as a team and see how differently everyone thinks and solves problems. Check out everyone’s smiling faces below after they mastered their challenge.

Meanwhile, employees in our Chicago office have set up a virtual book club, me included! We meet monthly during a virtual happy hour hosted on Microsoft Teams where we discuss books we’ve read over wine and snacks. A few psychological thrillers have been our genre of choice lately, including Layla by Colleen Hoover, My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing, and The Whisper Man by Alex North. As the Chicago office has grown in the last year, we’ve welcomed multiple new book club members!

Across our North American offices mid-last year our Operations team hosted one month of trivia games. Small break-out groups across the region met weekly over video to answer a series of AvePoint, entertainment, history, and general knowledge trivia questions. Teams were up for elimination each week and it turned out to be a really fun competition!

Our Global I.D.E.A. Committee gives us a chance to connect with teams across many countries and inspired the creation of subcommittees (a.k.a. employee interest groups). Membership is open to anyone in the organization! Below is how a few of our subcommittees have brought members together during the pandemic.

WIT (Women in Technology) meets virtually on a monthly basis. Every meeting includes a guest speaker within the tech space who discusses her journey of navigating the tech industry as a woman. WIT has hosted IBM’s Global Head of Hyper Protect Accelerator Melissa Sassi, Microsoft’s Global Head of Internships Miri Rodriguez, and AvePoint’s own Chief Risk, Privacy, and Information Security Officer Dana Simberkoff. The group also has small group break-out opportunities where members collaborate and build relationships to help develop their careers at AvePoint.

Our LGTBQIA+ subcommittee Q&A (Queer & Allies) has fostered relationships with individuals in our AvePoint family across the globe. It has provided a space that encourages everyone to be their authentic selves and solidifies a sense of belonging, whether it be through virtual happy hours (“Queers and Beers”) or using our platform to continue to advocate for fellow LGTBQIA + coworkers.

BAE (Black AvePoint Excellence) supports AvePoint’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion as well as employees’ professional development. BAE focuses on four main pillars: Recruitment & Retention, Professional Development, Community Outreach, and Networking. BAE hosts monthly town halls for members and has put together committee positions for recruiting, social events, membership outreach, training and development, and marketing.

Our Cultural Awareness Calendar subcommittee highlights events, celebrations, months, or days of historical significance to a country or community around the world. Their hope is to create an educational dialogue between our global staff and bring more awareness to these important dates! As we continue expanding this subcommittee, we will continue celebrating more holidays and special events important to the various cultures of our employees worldwide.

Throughout the pandemic, we have learned to lean on each other and connect in new ways. While we’re excited to eventually get back into the office and meet again face-to-face, for the time being we are proud of the strides we’ve made in embracing our work-from-home situation!

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