Executive Spotlight: Mary Leigh Mackie, Chief Marketing Officer


First, tell us more about your role at AvePoint.  

In November 2020, I moved into my current role as Chief Marketing Officer. Previous to this role, I led our global product marketing and digital marketing groups.  

As CMO, one of my largest directives is to finish building out our product and digital marketing programs while working closely with our Analytics organization to ensure that we are investing wisely for maximum business impact. I also ensure our Marketing organization is well aligned with other teams and that we’re investing in key folks to drive demand generation to support growth for our stakeholders.  

How did you get involved in the marketing field and software industry?  

I went to school for Biomedical Engineering and did not start at AvePoint thinking I’d eventually become a marketing leader. I have a deep passion for engineering, biotech and medicine, but also for learning (in fact, “learner” is one of my top 5 Gallup StrengthFinder strengths). So, while today I may not be in the operating room or a medical research facilityAvePoint has fed my commitment to learning and personal development over the last 13 years.  

We have an executive team that’s incredibly smart and hungry and encourages everyone to step outside of their comfort zonesMy growth story at AvePoint speaks to the opportunity that exists if you’re willing to invest in yourself while learning a lot along the wayWith my technical engineering background, marketing and business school experience, I’ve gained perspective on how organizations operate, which has broadened my horizons and opened up additional possibilities for me. 

Who at AvePoint has helped with your career growth? 

Many people have influenced my career at AvePoint, but a few that immediately come to mind are Kai (Co-Founder) and TJ (CEO), who both saw an opportunity within marketing for me due to my deep understanding in engineering and pitching our products within the Sales team. 

Early on in my career, I also worked with Tony Lanni (now SVP of Channel Marketing at AvePoint) who sent me to my first SharePoint Saturday years ago to present on and become an expert in a new market opportunity. He encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone which helped me to realize my potential. 

What tips do you have for those who are interested in growing within this profession or field?  

As the technology marketing field evolves, there’s an intersection that marketers need to be aware of. It’s increasingly critical for marketers to be highly aware of the market while remaining data driven. You need to be confident in trends, statisticsand setting good tests, but there’s also value in diverse perspectives and people intuition. At AvePoint, we’re building a machine that requires awareness of data, analysis, and will help us to be more effective as marketers when dealing with a large pool of people. Keeping up with technology can enhance the effectiveness within marketing programs. 

Can you tell us about any challenges AvePoint is facing right now?  

With us becoming a public organization, we’re maturing all of our programs across the board. The Marketing department has fast-tracked over last several months, and we will continue adding structure and stability as we bring products to market. I’m excited to see these continued investments in our business! 

What stands out about the Marketing team at AvePoint? 

I’m proud of the agility and degree of humility that the Marketing team displays. We’re able to quickly pivot and adjust to whatever may be happening within the week and support that effectively. In doing so, we demonstrate our passion for doing great work, while keeping up with impressive quality and standards. 

What is your leadership approach like?  

I think it’s important as a leader to remove blockers and clear a path so everyone feels that they can be successful and a standout. I expect a lot from my team but deeply care about their individual success and reaching their full potential. I provide my team with a lot of autonomy but also try to be available and highly supportive when needed 

I encourage my team to bring their whole authentic selves to the workplace. People work for and do great work for people they like and trustMy team is encouraged to take on newer, bigger, and better goals and that’s how we drive forward. 

What makes up a successful team member and what do you look for in a potential new hire?  

Proactive communication skills are number one! Because Marketing sits across and works with Sales, Product, Engineering, Developers, and other marketers, it’s critical to communicate and work cross-functionally with all teamsSuccessful team members need to bring together diverse groups of people and paint potential pictures of what’s possible in order to accomplish critical tasks. 

What’s your favorite part about working at AvePoint?  

The peopleWe have a passion for doing great work and I’m proud to work for an organization that’s not only invested in taking care of one another, but also giving back to our communities. This speaks to the quality of our people, their work ethic, and values. 

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