Talent Spotlight: VCU Alumni Edition!


AvePoint’s Richmond office has become home to many VCU Rams after graduation. Meet six VCU graduates who hold roles on our Sales, Business Development, Customer Success, and Support Teams. Read on to learn how they landed at AvePoint, what they love about working here, favorite VCU traditions, and more!

Nick Grandis, SMB Sales Executive

Major: Marketing, ‘18

Best advice given to you from an AvePoint employee?

“Drake Haywoode, a Mid-Market Sales manager out of Jersey City, gave me advice for speaking with clients. He said to always match their tone. I thought it was crazy at first, but it works every single time!”

Best lunch spot near the office?

“The food trucks are great, I’m a huge fan of River City Wood Fire Oven Pizza – they have a brick pizza oven in the truck!”

Proudest accomplishment in your career so far?

“I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been an AvePoint employee for just under a year and I’ve already been promoted twice!”


Valerie Calautti, Business Development Representative

Major: Integrated Marketing Communications, ‘18

What drew you to your current position?

“I loved the culture of the company during the interview process. From the very beginning I felt very comfortable speaking to the team and could tell culture was very important to employees.”

Any advice for upcoming grads on the job search?

“Be open minded! I had no background or knowledge on software or IT and ended up loving it! It’s important not to close yourself off to any potential opportunities.”

Best advice as an AvePoint employee?

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know.” 


Abdallah Amonette, Technical Support Analyst

Major: Information Systems, ‘18

Favorite aspect about working at AvePoint?

“The role is challenging, and my days fly by as I’m always working on different cases and new problems. I also like hanging out with everyone on the team and in the office. We get into FIFA and some intense ping-pong games during lunch.”

Advice for upcoming grads on the job search?

“Networking is so important! A lot of people I know have gotten roles through networking, even with classmates. It’s important to go to the networking events on campus and keep meeting people. I was part of AITP’s VCU chapter, and I went to a lot of their events. Networking led me to my role here!” 

What keeps you busy outside of work?

“When I’m not mountain biking on Buttermilk trail, I’m helping my parents restore a house that was built in the 1800’s. When we first started working on the restoration, we didn’t even have electricity, so we’ve put a lot of work into it!”


Silma Hossain, Customer Success Representative

Major: Information Systems, ‘18

How did you find out about AvePoint?

“Through Nick Grandis, a fellow VCU classmate. We’ve had several classes together, and he referred me to the company while he was doing a co-op at AvePoint.”

What do you miss most about your time at VCU?

“I’m still a TA for programming classes at VCU, so I still spend a lot of time on campus! But one thing I miss from my student days are my Information Systems classes.”

Best VCU tradition?

“Freshman year, you rub the Ram horns of the sculpture on campus and you make a wish about your academic career.”

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