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At AvePoint, our culture and community are integral parts of who we are. Each one of our offices has its own quirks and interests, special aspects of the environment that are influenced by the people and location, and they’re all tied together by our core values of Agility, Passion, and Teamwork. That said, we decided to join the Built In network to build our local brand awareness and share our company vision and goals with our communities in Chicago and Jersey City!

Chicago and Jersey City are two locations where we are growing the most on a variety of teams, such as Sales, Customer Success, Client Services, and Solution Engineering. The Built In platform engages with communities in the Greater Chicago and New York Metropolitan area to match people who want to work at fast-growing, dynamic, and innovative software companies like AvePoint. I personally have utilized Built In to find most of the companies I have worked for, and many others who love the tech industry do as well! It gives members the ability to match up what’s most important to them when evaluating opportunities and companies. For example, users can compare their own values to organizations they’re considering on Built In.

Built In is a great platform that allows us to showcase who we are and acts as an additional resource for our Talent Community. Check out our amazing perks and benefits, direct testimonials from our people, and easily access our current job openings in Chicago and Jersey City.

Recently, we were featured as a “Best Company to Work For in Chicago,” which is an incredible honor, as the Built In team takes all companies on their platform and ranks them based on perks, benefits, and how we engage in the community, and we’re hoping to build our presence up in the NYC to make that list next year as well! As Built In expands its presence in other cities, we hope to grow with them. Check out our local profiles here and see why we’re a great place to build your career:

 AvePoint | Built In Chicago

AvePoint | Built In NYC

100 Best Companies to Work Chicago – https://www.builtinchicago.org/companies/best-places-to-work-chicago-2021#avepoint



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