Beyond the Sale: Ensuring Customer Success at AvePoint


Across the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and technology industry, you’ve probably heard of the term, “customer success.” What is customer success? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: customers succeeding.

Within the last year at AvePoint, we’ve created a Customer Success (CS) team that works with internal, cross-functional teams to help meet the needs of current customers. This team develops long-term relationships so our customers can achieve the best results with our products and services. Customer success is our driving purpose, because when our customers are successful, we are successful.

With the growth of our SaaS, subscription-based model and ever-evolving customers, AvePoint knows it’s imperative to have a strong CS team. We want our current clients to leverage the utmost value with their AvePoint investment and have confidence in our solutions.

What We Do: Team Objectives

Our first objective is technology adoption. When customers invest in AvePoint solutions but don’t implement them productively, this creates challenges with future business and difficulties in renewing their subscription for their respective products and services. The CS team’s focus and day-to-day goal is to work with these customers to realize their investment. Every call and activity with a customer means revisiting and recapturing the success and value of our tools.

The second objective is creating a positive customer experience. We ensure that the sales experience was successful, that our services and support staff are responding quickly and performing well, and that our products are scalable to the customer’s needs.

Aiming Higher: Goals for Next 6-12 Months

Looking ahead, our first goal is to grow the team. The CS team is always coming up with ways to interact with more customers and provide a seamless experience, so we want to scale up to reach as many as possible.

The second goal is to focus on ways to improve our services. By discovering how clients are leveraging our solutions, all AvePoint teams can work to improve services and product offerings.

Success Stories

Recently, one of our Customer Success Managers (CSM) worked with a client that was struggling to implement a product. This client had a plan, but needed a proper framework. The CSM proactively reached out to the customer to align them with the right AvePoint resource, creating a structured methodology to guide the customer toward a successful implementation.

Another opportunity involved a client that had invested in our solutions, but was not leveraging them. After identifying the roadblock, our CSM connected the client with the proper AvePoint support staff member, set up an hour of training and configuration, and quickly got the client up to speed.

In both scenarios, the CSM offered the right level of experience and a strategic, project-oriented mindset, resulting in successful deployments for the clients.

Want to Join the CS Team? What We Look for in Future Colleagues

Our leaders are looking for strong communicators to join the AvePoint Customer Success team. The CSM or Customer Success Representative (CSR) works closely with internal teams and customers, so the right person loves presenting and interacting with others. We’re also looking for strong business sense, since this role is responsible for understanding customer needs and articulating how AvePoint can help. This individual loves to dissect how an organization operates and understands what will drive results, as well as enjoys learning about new technologies.

Our CS team is small, but collaborative, and has a high level of accountability. We strive to put forth the best customer experience and approach our work strategically. No customer is the same, so there’s plenty of variety built into every client interaction. The CS team’s successes are shared among each other and our entire organization, so our staff can leverage the team and applaud their efforts.

Interested in joining AvePoint? Check out the open opportunities on our Careers page.

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