Be Smart, Be Casual: Dress Code at AvePoint

We adopted the smart casual dress code in 2015 to align the way we represent ourselves with our culture, and provide our employees the opportunity to feel more comfortable at work.

We define “smart casual” as a neat, yet informal style. Think of a smart casual outfit as one you’d wear for a movie or dinner date.

Do’s for women:

  • Nice pair of jeans or chinos
  • Mid-length casual dresses or skirts
  • Ballet flats, fashion sandals, or sensible heels
  • Cardigans, blouses, button-down shirts

Do’s for men:

  • Nice pair of jeans or chinos
  • Button-down, collared shirts tucked in
  • Polos, tucked in
  • Leather shoes/Jacket optional

We asked our employees a few questions about our smart casual dress code, and here’s what they had to say!

What is your go-to smart casual outfit?

  • “A dressy pair of jeans with a blouse – it’s polished yet relaxed.” – Maria Phares, Paralegal and Office Assistant, Richmond, VA
  • “My smart casual outfit starts with the shoes. That means either comfortable brown/black dress shoes, loafers, or a stylish boot. Pants are usually chinos/khakis or a nice dark denim. The shirt is usually a casual dress shirt, polo, or nice flannel. Layering is a must! Cardigans, sweaters, and more.” – Vincent Olger, Business Development Manager, Richmond, VA
  • “Tailored jeans, button-down shirt with a blazer or cardigan, and a boot or wedge loafer.” –Kelley Smith, Senior Account Executive, Chicago, IL
  • “I usually wear a white or blue shirt with small things like colored buttons over my blue or black jeans with some business sneakers, which almost look like a business shoe.” – Marc Hoffer, Enterprise Sales Director, Munich, Germany

How do you demonstrate your personal style within the guidelines of smart casual work attire?

  • “I’m a big fan of complimenting any smart casual outfit with a vest and some ‘fun’ socks.” – Tim Carmody, Mid-Market Sales Manager, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Because a lot of my “uniform” pieces of silkier tops and warm sweaters (or jumpers here in the UK!) are very neutral to maximize the number of pieces I can pair them with, I have to use other accessories to add on flare! I love to bring pieces back I’ve collected from my travels, like jewelry or bright scarves. Alternatively, I may play with layering, to pull pieces together others may not, or invest in pieces that have a more interesting cut or shape.” Mary Leigh Mackie, VP Product Marketing, London, United Kingdom

How do you think our smart casual attire reflects our culture?

  • “A smart casual dress code implies the attitude of being comfortable and confident, allowing people to show their identity and work recognition. It reflects our culture of being talented, driven, innovative, and ambitious.” – Annie Wang, Marketing Specialist, Munich, Germany
  • “Tech likes functional fashion that reflects individuality. Having the freedom to dress in a style that suits you (within the boundaries of maintaining professionalism) allows employees to feel comfortable and creative. That’s a culture that people want to be a part of and a company clients want to work with.” – Kelley Smith, Senior Account Executive, Chicago, IL
  • “We want to bring our life into AvePoint, like sharing free time together, so we also wear outfits that we could wear in our free time.” – Marc Hoffer, Enterprise Sales Director, Munich, Germany
  • “The smart casual attire allows each employee the opportunity to express themselves and shows the diversity of each office, while still offering a professional presentation.” – Maria Phares, Paralegal and Office Assistant, Richmond, VA