AvePoint’s Sales Enablement Program For Employee Success


The success of our employees and the success of the company go hand in hand. Whether it’s a salesperson’s first day or fifth year with AvePoint, we are committed to supporting your growth and development. With this in mind, our Sales Operations team has created the Sales Enablement Program for all sales staff. I sat down with the team to discuss what’s covered in the program and how it’s already shown success.

Sales Enablement During On-Boarding

During your first week at AvePoint, you’ll get to know your team, and your manager will cover goals and expectations. You’ll also participate in interactive sessions covering foundational knowledge. These sessions are catered to small breakout groups and encourage participation and discussion. Sales reps will have the opportunity to define and help guide their learning experience and this program is also supplemented by additional resources that can be found on our learning portal, AvePoint University.

Your first three weeks at AvePoint will concentrate on introducing you to the ecosystem that we operate within, as well as outlining the necessities for successful opportunity management. Leveraging experience across the global sales organization and the benefits of small and tailored sessions allow for efficient ramp and pipeline development. Training subjects will span a foundational understanding of:

  • The market for Office 365 and SharePoint
  • An AvePoint sales cycle
  • AvePoint’s software solutions and services

On-Going Sales Enablement

Individualization takes over following the end of the on-boarding process and transitions into an on-going partnership model. Reps will work with their direct managers and the Sales Enablement team to determine how the rep best needs to be supported, whether that be ad hoc sessions or opportunity assistance.

Our Sales Enablement team is committed to ensuring it continuously provides the most effective level of support to our sales account executives. The key to enablement at AvePoint lies in the continuous dialogue between our teams, as well as the suggestion of new ideas from both sides.

Interested in coming aboard? Check out our openings on the Careers site today!

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