AvePoint’s Sales Enablement Program For New Employee Success

The success of our employees and the success of the company go hand in hand. With this in mind, our global sales operations team has created the Sales Enablement Program for new employees. This program is extended to sales, presales, marketing, and even post-sales roles. I sat down with our Senior Sales Operations Manager, Michelle Cavallo, to discuss what’s covered in the program and how it’s already shown success.

Program Overview

During your first week at AvePoint, you’ll get to know your team, and your manager will cover goals and expectations. Most exciting of all, the Sales Enablement Program will kick off with the learning falling into two buckets—self-service and formal sessions. Our learning portal, AvePoint University has tons of information and on-demand learning videos that you can navigate at your own pace. The latest addition to training entails a 6-step program, which includes videos, live and remote training sessions, assessments to ensure knowledge retention, workshops, one-on-one mentoring, mock demos, and shadowing.

Months 1-3: Learn about the Products, Understand the Organization

Pack your bags! Soon after starting, you’ll attend a 3-day onsite training in our Jersey City headquarters, a “boot camp” of sessions around sales processes, the systems we use, and our products. On average, each session has 10 employees ranging from sales, presales engineers, marketing, and post-sales professionals. Keeping our training groups small allows for customization and individualization.

You’ll spend time with our product strategy and marketing groups, diving into all facets of the products. For example, what are each product’s basic functionalities? What’s the buyer’s viewpoint and AvePoint’s competitive advantage? What do successful engagements look like?

Even better, you’ll get to know our virtual account teams and “who’s who” in the organization. It’s a wonderful time to meet our staff in our global headquarters. We even have C-level executives host sessions, knowing that new employees are a true investment in the organization’s long-term success.

In a nutshell, Month 1 is spent learning as much as possible, building internal relationships with our comprehensive selling team, and understanding our models and licensing. In Months 2-3, you’ll come to understand our promotions, events, organizational structure, value proposition to customers, and sales cycle on top of interacting with customers, shadowing team members, and receiving support from your manager.

Months 4-6+: Apply Knowledge, Continue Growing through Ongoing Enablement

As a sales person, you’ll start to run your own meetings during this phase. You should be able to articulate our message, reach out and lead customer meetings, orchestrate the deal cycle, and master our CRM. We’ll reinforce your knowledge and, as you continue sharpening your tools, you’ll take direction from our product strategy group. They’ll share playbooks on high-level positioning, marketing, the competitive landscape, how we incorporate upsells, and licensing agreements.

The beauty of the Sales Enablement Program is that it’s a catered experience based on your learning style. Our sales operations team has created a welcoming atmosphere and will follow up regularly throughout your first 6 months and beyond to tailor content to your needs.

How has this new program already shown success?

The sales operations team has regular check-ins with new employees, ensuring ongoing retention and momentum after the onsite experience. Since launching the program, the team has observed that new employees are collaborating with colleagues right away, integrating into the AvePoint culture, and exceeding expectations in their roles. The sales operations team is also working towards a certification program, where our sales and pre-sales teams can become certified in selling our products!

What are the Sales Enablement Program’s future goals?

There’s always room for fine tuning. For example, the sales operations team creates surveys to gather feedback on what’s working and what’s sticking, while cultivating an “always available” mindset. Michelle enjoys executing this program alongside our leadership team, and everyone involved wants to ensure that teams are passionate about the program.

Supporting and collaborating with each other while helping new employees transition into the landscape of AvePoint’s products and business is our definition of success.

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