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AvePoint has over 1,500 employees spanning five continents, and when you work with us, you find yourself in the middle of a community. It takes individuals across many offices to accomplish goals and complete projects, and our network of people thrive on collaboration and a strong culture.

What is company culture?

Company culture has become a very hot topic among employees and job candidates over the past few years. Culture defines how an organization differentiates itself from others. So what exactly is “culture“? I recently participated in a webinar that defined culture as easily as loving what you do, who you do it with, and who you do it for. Culture is the personality of the company; it’s an organization’s mission, working environment, habits, and goals.

Chicago quarterly outing. Go Cubs!

How do you know if a company’s culture is the right fit for you?

In order to discover the perfect culture fit for you, think about a time you felt most productive, accomplished, and happy at work. What type of environment or office setting were you in? Who were you working with, and what goals were you looking to accomplish together? What type of work made you happy and fulfilled? Were you working with a deadline in mind? What type of schedule best suited you? How were you able to balance your work and personal life? What type of management style works for you? What were traits of your colleagues and team? Answering these questions will help you determine the type of culture and environment that will be most motivating for you.

Richmond team participating in the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) 5K run

What is AvePoint’s culture like?

We’re a global company, and each of our offices offers something a little different, plus we have a very diverse collection of personalities. I have had the pleasure of working with teams throughout the U.S. as we continue to add talented individuals to our AvePoint family. I also speak with my counterparts weekly in London, Munich, and Tokyo to share ideas and get their perspective on various initiatives. Last summer I traveled to Beijing and Shanghai (for pleasure) and was greeted and guided around both cities by one of my colleagues in China, and then given an itinerary by one of our executives for the tail-end of my trip in Japan. How many people can say they’ve developed personal and professional relationships with coworkers around the world? At AvePoint, I work with people I admire, always have access to, and who value my input.

UK team participating in a 5K run

AvePoint’s culture is about respecting and loving our cultural differences and taking pride in where we’re from. We host many teambuilding and community volunteer outreach events in our local offices and post pictures to share memories with each other. We praise and recognize each other through our global peer recognition program. We share ideas, articles and ask questions on Yammer (our internal collaboration site) to help each other out with various initiatives. We present and participate in “Empower Hours,” which cover topics such as how to be more productive or how to energize our careers.

Singapore team gathering

When it comes to company culture, it’s important to find a place you fit in with from a personality, people, and mission perspective. You can determine this through a company’s online presence and conversations with a company’s employees. Through my experience at AvePoint, I have had the opportunity to engage with many talented professionals from all over the world. We accomplish our goals as a team and have a lot of fun while doing so. If this type of culture speaks to you, then please reach out; we’d love to hear from you!

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