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One of our three core values at AvePoint is agility. To us, agility means that we value quick, informed decision-making and subscribe to a growth mindset. As part of the Global People Team, agility means that we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our processes and boost the human aspect of our organization. We aim to be proactive with our colleagues by regularly offering support, touching base on professional growth and development, and adding a personal touch to every conversation.

Considering we have 1500 employees across 20+ offices around the globe, this can sometimes be a challenge! Fortunately, through AvePoint’s partnership with Microsoft, we have plenty of tools at our fingertips to help accomplish this. And the best part? Nearly every tool has an easy to use mobile app, adding new meaning to the word agile!

What does this mean for me, an HR Manager based in Melbourne, Australia? It means that I can easily stay in touch with my colleagues several time zones away! The Microsoft applications I find myself using the most to accomplish this are Skype for Business, Teams, and Yammer.

Skype for Business

I use Skype for Business for quick chats (think instant messaging) or to schedule audio or video calls both inside and outside the organization. The mobile app, displayed below, especially comes in handy on my weekly recruitment calls with my colleague in Chicago. It’s the end of her day, and the beginning of mine (8:00am), so I usually use this en route to the office.

Microsoft Teams

When it comes to larger group calls, I prefer Microsoft Teams. Teams is a platform that combines chat, meetings, notes, and files, and integrates with our Office 365 suite (includes software applications like Microsoft Office, OneNote, SharePoint, etc.). I find that the mobile app has better connectivity than Skype, and presentations screen-shared experience less lag. Although Teams has similar features to Skype (group video, audio calls, and instant messaging), it is a much more robust platform for knowledge sharing and project management!

In my role, I have responsibilities that fall under the People, Talent Acquisition, and Operations teams, so I’m a part of multiple team channels. Within these there are sub-channels where I can easily see updates (bolded) and view the status of other team member’s projects. This allows for greater transparency and quick collaboration!


Yammer is a great social networking application to keep up with current happenings across the entire company. It’s easy to use (it has a layout similar to Facebook) and is just as accessible on desktop as it is on mobile. Our company uses Yammer primarily to share. What we share has a wide range, varying from industry articles, company updates, polls, quizzes, photos from the latest office gathering or even memes.

Personally, I like using Yammer on my phone on the way to and from the office. Since I commute by train, I have downtime to catch up on current events. It’s also a way for me to “like” different posts and stay connected to my colleagues who I don’t see as often since I moved from Jersey City to Melbourne.

To some, this may seem like “always being connected” to work, but the way I see it, why would you want to be disconnected? As part of the People team, I especially value just that—staying connected to our people. With the tools AvePoint provides, I’m able to do so in an agile and flexible way that works for me!

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