AvePoint in the Time of Corona (virus)


For most of us, it has been a solid 2 months since we started working from home. This has been a time of adjusting and adapting to our new working environment. One of the bigger challenges is staying connected and engaged with our colleagues. There are no more chats by the water-cooler, face-to-face meetings, or after-work fun and activities.

Despite this, across all regions, we have all been making an effort to stay connected from a distance. We have a marvelous platform in Microsoft Teams to organize all kinds of events and activities. Read on to check out what we’ve been up to across the EMEA region!

Some of our global staff members meeting for their daily huddle.

Daily Huddles

Across EMEA, we’re participating in office-wide huddles every morning to stay up-to-date and involved with sales processes, business announcements, new product features, and webinars organized or attended. We like to switch up the conversations occasionally and have chatted on non-work-related topics such as personal achievements and best childhood memories, and we even took personality tests and discussed the results with one another. Using video for these meetings is encouraged, and some colleagues have gotten very creative with their background images!

Getting Active & Staying Healthy

During this lockdown, it’s important to a lot of us to stay active and healthy. To encourage this, our very own Steven Kugler (Sales Director in Munich) set up daily mid-day workout classes. He hosts these sessions on Microsoft Teams, and they’re available to anyone in the company. Each session has a different challenge and one-liner, and I feel like, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do” fits the spirit of these sessions the best.

A healthy mindset is just as significant as a healthy body, so Nigel Kilpatrick (Sales Director in the UK) hosts morning meditation sessions for team members. I’m sure many can attest to the effect his meditation practice has on their day. Nigel guides the meditation through the mental exercise, helping everyone feel refreshed.

Breathe in, breathe out

Weekly Fun

Across our offices, we’re still finding time each week for happy hour! In The Hague, we grab our beverage of choice at home, and enjoy Friday afternoon drinks together.

Global Engagement

Outside of our regional video calls and activities, there’s been a nice uptick in global engagement on Yammer. Colleagues across the globe are sharing pictures of their home offices, recipes and culinary creations, and furry co-workers.

There’s been no shortage of recipe ideas here, with over 20 culinary creations shared on Yammer!
The adorable Brooklyn, from Richmond, VA

Despite some of the challenges of working from home, it has brought us a little closer together (virtually) as we’re making great efforts to keep in touch with one another!

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