How Agility, Passion & Teamwork Come to Life at AvePoint

Post Date: 09/02/2022
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At AvePoint, our colleagues around the world are characterized by three core values that help drive us forward:

  • Agility: We value quick, informed decision-making to meet and exceed customer expectations. We subscribe to a growth mindset, which contributes to our entrepreneurial and learning spirit.
  • Passion: Drive and energy are contagious here; we are not just going through the motions. We do things that are impactful and as a result, amplify our customers’ success.
  • Teamwork: We are invested in the success of our colleagues, partners, customers, and community. We do this by promoting global collaboration and taking pride in helping, sharing, mentoring, and coaching each other.

Many of us see our colleagues put these values into action every day in the course of their work. Each quarter, we pause to reflect on the many examples of our values brought to life through our Peer Recognition program. Our colleagues around the world can nominate any of their peers who they believe exemplify our core values.

Each quarter we review all the submissions and, after much deliberation, select one winner for each value. Not only do our winners receive a prize, they’re publicly recognized during our global town hall events.

Learn more about some of the colleagues who brought our values to life in the first half of 2022:


avepoint true

True Sandoval
Marketing Analyst
Arlington, VA (USA)

One of our recent interns took advantage of her opportunity and recently joined AvePoint full-time. True was recognized for exemplifying agility by learning quickly, applying those learnings into value for the business, and ensuring our teams have the data they need to make strategic decisions that will move AvePoint forward.

She not only played a key role in multi-departmental projects, but she also stretched to projects outside of her specific role which provided a fresh perspective and unlocked new insights.

avepoint fehmi

Fehmi Mallek
Strategic Consultant
Paris (France)

Fehmi recently worked with one of our customers to ensure they could use our solutions to address their specific, unique needs.

He was able to juggle this urgent need with his other projects and run with it – so much so that not only did we solve the specific need of this customer, but they also saw the value in our offerings and purchased additional solutions to help solve its digital transformation challenges.



avepoint david

David Drew
Sales Operations Manager
Melbourne (Australia)

David stepped in and quickly made positive changes to the sales enablement function for the Australia team, bringing new rigor and structure to how the team reports on sales data and takes action from those reports.

In addition to organizing many of the team’s critical sales meetings, David reports on sales progress in a way that can be understood by everyone on the Australia team. Infusing team spirit and energy into everything he does, David is a steward of all our core values.

Koki Nara
Customer Success Representative
Tokyo (Japan)

Koki recently made the transition from being a member of Japan’s enterprise business to customer success and he jumped in with both feet.

He quickly won engagements with clients and continued to influence sales as part of the Customer Success team.

His hard work and passion have enabled Koki to quickly establish his position on the award-winning team.



Adam Callinan
Customer Success Manager
London (UK)

Adam was recognized as a beacon for teamwork at AvePoint by always going the extra mile.

Every day, he ensures the Customer Success team is supported to lead with the right training and approach to help our customers maximize their digital transformation investments.

Adam also works across all departments to make sure our customers get the best possible experience.



Our agility, passion and teamwork manifest themselves in many ways, but more importantly they help shape the experience of how our colleagues around the world make an impact, craft their careers, and own their futures.

Ready to unleash the power of you? We want you! Check out our open positions and apply by visiting our AvePoint Careers page.

Zoe Wilson is a People Partner for AvePoint's North America Sales, IT, and Security teams. Because AvePoint's core values are so prevalent in each colleague, Zoe enjoys celebrating and writing about our Peer Recognition Winners every quarter.

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