6 Tips for Video Interviewing


As most of us are working remotely these days, we have also extended our interviews to a virtual experience over the last several months. Our technology platform of choice is Microsoft Teams, which provides the face-to-face aspect of the job interview while also respecting social distancing.

When the time comes for your video interview, you will receive an invite from your recruiter with a link to join your interviewers in the meeting. The link will direct you to a new browser page or the Microsoft Teams desktop app if you already have the app installed. Note: you do not need to download or install the app to join the Teams meeting. Nearly all features are supported (e.g. screen sharing, video conferencing) using Edge or Chrome.

Below are 6 tips from our recruitment team for making the best impression during your video interview:

  1. Find the best environment. Choose a quiet location where you can freely discuss your experience. Sometimes unexpected noises or occasional distractions can happen, so consider using a noise cancelling app during the meeting. Krisp is a free app that improves sound quality and reduces background noise during video and voice calls.
  2. Be aware of your visibility. Set up your shot so it’s well-lit and you’re centered within the video screen. When choosing a background, find a simple and neutral backdrop or consider blurring your background (once in the meeting, click on More Actions > Apply Background Effects > Blur Background). Also, if possible, set yourself up on a laptop or PC (rather than your phone) for the interview.
  3. Dress appropriately. Wear what you would normally wear for a face-to-face interview (e.g. business attire – a suit or jacket with slacks or a skirt).
  4. Prepare. Have your resume or CV handy, along with a pen and notebook with questions for the interviewer(s). If you are preparing a presentation, share your presentation file with your recruiter beforehand so he or she can distribute it to the interview team.
  5. Arrive on time. Treat your virtual interview as you would an in-person meeting by providing yourself extra time before joining. This will give you the chance to pull up the invite, enter the meeting, and enable video & audio before it starts. An interviewer will manually admit you into the meeting.
  6. Be present. Pay attention and be aware of your body language while others on the video call are speaking.

The above tips will help you to present yourself in the best way. For additional interviewing tips, check out our Tips for a Successful Interview at AvePoint or Ask the Recruiters post or reach out to your recruiter with questions. Good luck!

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