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Reduce the Burden on IT with DocAve’s Latest Enhancement for SharePoint Backup

For SharePoint Administrators, restoring deleted or corrupted content for users can be tedious, time consuming, and cause significant business disruption. To alleviate this burden, we previously introduced the End User Restore feature for DocAve Backup and Restore, which empowers SharePoint site administrators to restore content via a SharePoint web part without needing to involve IT at all.

This has been a popular feature for many customers, but did not always scale for our enterprise customers since the feature relied on Granular Backups which are not useful for comprehensive farm backups. As a SharePoint environment grows, our best practice recommendation is to use platform for the full farm backup and granular for targeted site collections with a high change rate.

With DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 6 End User Restore now works with both Platform Backup and Granular Backup to provide a comprehensive solution that can be built into any data protection strategy.

The End User Restore interface in DocAve Backup and Restore.

The End User Restore interface in DocAve Backup and Restore.

Just as before, the End User Restore web part interface remains the same, maintaining consistency with the native SharePoint look and feel to simplify user experience when restoring lost, deleted, or corrupted content directly within the platform. End User Restore relies on SharePoint permissions levels to determine accessibility, and the site administrator will pre-define how items are restored and which options are available to the content owner.

Currently, the following SharePoint objects can be restored using End User Restore:

  • Library
  • List
  • Folder
  • Item/Item Version;
  • Document/Document Version
  • Files externalized through RBS solutions

Whether your organization is utilizing a distributed or centralized management approach, DocAve Backup and Restore continues to provide flexible solutions for any SharePoint data protection problem.

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