What the WFH Transition Means for Office 365 Backup

Post Date: 04/27/2020
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Organizations have shed their servers and gone to the cloud in record numbers. The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this trend as organizations need to fully support remote work.

This is particularly true of Office 365, which sees more than 200 million commercial users log in each month.

The excitement and potential for productivity gains can also be seen in the growth of Microsoft Teams, the fastest growing business application in the company’s history. And, as people started working from home in record numbers in March 2020, Microsoft Teams usage surged more than 110 percent.

This move to the cloud and enabling remote work requires organizations to think differently about how they’re protecting and backing up their data. In the past, organizations kept physical backup copies of their data in an on-premises data center or rack of servers.

With this infrastructure now virtualized and provided as a service today, organizations should examine relevant regulations as well as the service level agreement (SLA) with their cloud service providers to determine if extending the default protection levels is an appropriate strategy.

Office 365 provides industry-leading data protection and retention mechanisms for organizations. However, a recent Forrester report points out that every SaaS provider, including Microsoft, explicitly asserts clients are responsible for protecting their own data.

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Yet, an IDC study (and several others) have consistently shown only about 40 percent of
organizations using Office 365 are leveraging a third-party backup solution to protect their data…

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