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5 AvePoint Cloud Updates You MAY Have Been Waiting For!

Yay, May! There are lots of exciting (you might even say aMAYzing) updates rolling out in the AvePoint Cloud this month. Keep reading for an overview of the top five May updates and be sure to log into the Account Portal for how-to videos, user guides, release notes, and more.


1. Cloud Backup for Office 365 & Cloud Backup for Salesforce

Cloud Backup for Office 365

Cloud Backup customers with a BYOS license who leverage Microsoft Azure Storage can now add a secondary Azure storage account (so no need to worry if you are approaching your Azure storage limits). Plus, as we continue to release our products in additional data centers around the globe, Cloud Backup is now supported in the Switzerland North (Zurich) and Korea Central (Seoul) data centers, making it easier for customers to meet their own data residency requirements – stay tuned for additional availability in a data center near you.

Join us on May 27th for a 30 minute Cloud Backup virtual lab to learn how to configure Cloud Backup to seamlessly automate your data protection with features like Job Analytics, License Consumption Reports, and AVA.

Cloud Backup for Salesforce

With this Cloud Backup for Salesforce release, we’re making it easier to stay on top of major changes and eliminate disruptions for your end-users. Use the new Data Monitor Alert settings to configure email alerts for your Salesforce admin team if any user updates, deletes, or adds items in bulk that trigger any predefined rules to enforce data security.

Whether you’re looking to proactively prevent data loss or restore critical data, we have a complete solution to address your most pressing pain points – check out this blog post on 5 Ways AvePoint Protects Your Critical Salesforce Data to learn more.

cloud governance logo

2. Cloud Governance

We’ve made onboarding and ongoing management of your Yammer communities better than ever! New and improved Yammer support allows you to use a custom Yammer app instead of the built-in app when configuring the app profile, existing Yammers communities can now be automatically imported and managed, and the new Cloud Governance Admin Workspace Report offers insights on your Yammer Communities.

A new automatic import process can be used to discover and apply governance policies to existing guest users – set up import schedules, assign primary contacts, apply renewal profiles, and even classify with pre-configured metadata to govern external users. Additionally, the new My Task page provides end user visibility to the status of all tasks in a single location with details on task summaries, requestors, statuses, types, due data, and more! Plus, we’ve tweaked the workspace creation request form with updates aimed at reducing sprawl and duplication of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups.

Want to gain additional value from your Cloud Governance investment by leveraging its new integration capabilities with Power Platform? Watch this free on-demand webinar to learn how!


3. MyHub

MyHub is all about simplifying the Microsoft 365 experience so you can be more productive while you work. New single sign-on support for Microsoft Teams tabs allows you to now skip the sign-in step and jump right into using the MyHub app within Teams. You can now also create hubs based on selected workspaces – so you can quickly select the workspaces of your choosing without having to create a new hub based on filter criteria. Plus, multiple tags can now be leveraged when using a filter or creating a hub, so you can apply a combination of tags to create purpose-built filters and hubs.

Be sure to check out the Ultimate Guide on absolutely everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams and Groups management in 2021.

Cloud Records

4. Cloud Records

File share support is here! Gain control of content stored in file shares outside of Microsoft 365—apply classification or file plan terms to folders in file shares, define rules specifically for file share content using Business Rule Management, set up multistage approval processes prior to disposal, and gain insights of your file share records through integrated reporting capabilities. This release also introduces the ability to sort search results from the global search page and choose how many results to display.

Modern records require modern training! Watch this free webinar where our records management experts delve into some modern approaches to Records Management and training.

PI Logo

5. Policies & Insights for Microsoft 365


We’ve simplified management for Exchange admins with plenty of new tenant-level Exchange policies that can be configured, monitored, and enforced centrally. A new indexing rule is now available that enables content to be excluded from the SharePoint search index (i.e. high-sensitivity sites) so you can now decide what content will appear in the Microsoft 365 index. There’s now enhanced audit record monitoring with shorter refresh times for more accurate change detection. Plus, new users can ramp up fast with the new quick start tutorial on the homepage.


For domains or users that already have established partnerships, existing contracts, or passed IT security reviews, there is now an option to “trust” these users during review. A new change report has been added to provide status updates via email so security teams can now monitor without having to log into the product. Plus, activities and permissions can now be exported for a site. We’ve made updates to sensitive information types including new sensitivity definitions that now include additional countries, and you can now remove shadow users in bulk and apply sensitivity labels directly from the search results.

Want to learn more on how to develop and enforce the right external user access policy for your organization? Download this free AvePoint eBook for strategies on external sharing and guest user access in Microsoft 365 and Teams.

MSPs, We’ve Got You Covered!

MSPs, improving your experience continues to be a top priority! We want to make it even easier for you to add value to your customers and drive revenue with our cloud products. We’ve added deeper integration between Policies and Insights (PI) and your multi-tenant experience so you can view risk assessments and pull customer reports. If you want to showcase PI’s value without trialing it on a production tenant, our demo environments now offer free sample data! You can showcase PI’s value in just a few clicks. Additionally, we know performance is critical to your experience. To better support our partners wherever they are, we’re continuing to expand across global data centers. Korea Central (Seoul) is the latest addition!

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Esther Merel
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