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How to Back Up Office 365 and Achieve ISO Compliance (Case Study)

Case Study: Vodafone Iceland

The Challenge

Once in Office 365, Vodafone Iceland initially used another third-party backup solution. However, the visibility into their backup data did not meet their expectations and they lost trust in the product.

Vodafone Iceland did not have a hold of if every single user was protected or even exactly what content was covered. The company did not have sufficient visibility into what was happening with their Office 365 back up, if every user was included, and what exactly was being stored. Additionally, the company was starting to transition from Skype to Microsoft Teams and needed a backup solution that could cover that application.

“The user interface was difficult to navigate, and we did not have an overview of what was happening,” stated Ágúst Jóhann Auðunsson, IT manager at Vodafone Iceland, “Restoring backed up files was also incredibly slow.”

The company began to evaluate other third-party backup solutions. Their main requirements were for the solution to have the ability to back up all their Microsoft application data and help them reach compliance with ISO standards.

The AvePoint Solution

Vodafone Iceland implemented AvePoint’s Cloud Backup for its 700 Office 365 users.

The company chose the unlimited plan that enables them to protect an unlimited amount of content in Office 365 Project, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Teams and Groups with unlimited retention for the length of the contract.

“We anticipate our Office 365 usage and data to continue to expand as we continue our digital transformation and its important that our backup solution is able to scale alongside that,” said Auðunsson.

Rather than bring their own storage, they decided to leverage AvePoint’s Azure storage for their backups.

The company is currently backing up about four times a day and has successfully executed multiple restores.

“The ability to restore at the item level is a useful feature. Many times users just want a single document and we didn’t want to have to roll back a whole site to the restore point to be able to recover it,” said Auðunsson.

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The Bottom Line

Implementing AvePoint Cloud Backup helped Vodafone Iceland to achieve ISO compliance. They were able to demonstrate that they could restore all data three to four times a year and up to a year’s worth of data from all mailboxes.

Vodafone Iceland has successfully executed backups pertinent to their business operations as well, including a full restore of a user’s OneDrive data.

“When a user comes to IT and requests a restore of their OneDrive data, it’s typically a stressful time for them,” said Auðunsson. “Our IT team was able to easily handle the request and put their mind at ease that we had their back.”

Vodafone Iceland plans on moving more of their applications to the cloud in the next two years. This includes completely shifting from Skype to Microsoft Teams and moving their in-house CRM to Dynamics 365. They plan to evaluate AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365.

“Short and simple – AvePoint just works,” stated Auðunsson. Vodafone Iceland is extremely pleased with Cloud Backup and the AvePoint Support Team.

Vodafone Iceland

Vodafone Iceland

Vodafone Iceland is a telecommunications company that offers all the core aspects of telecommunications to individuals, businesses, institutions and public bodies. Vodafone Iceland is the biggest privately owned media company in Iceland with TV stations Stöð 2 (Channel 2), radio stations Bylgjan, FM957, and X977, and the Icelandic online newspaper, visir.is.

Vodafone Iceland bases its service and product selection on its co-operation with Vodafone Group Plc. Vodafone Iceland is licensed to operate fully under the label of Vodafone, without being the property of Vodafone Group. Vodafone Iceland is an Icelandic telecommunications company that is owned by Sýn hf. Sýn hf. has been listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange market since 2012.

Read the full case study here.

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