Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Why Veidekke ASA Chose AvePoint for Their OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office 365 Backup Needs

Office 365 backup is one of AvePoint's specialties. Click here to learn how Veidekke ASA was able to overcome its backup issue by working with us.
unlimited backup

AvePoint’s Unlimited #Office365 Backup: Why It’s The Right Choice for You

AvePoint's unlimited backup offering is one of a kind. Click here to learn why it's the right choice for any business scenario.

How Sitowise Solved Their Office 365 SharePoint Online Backup Challenge

Learn how we worked with Sitewise to drastically reduce the cost and time they would've spent backing up their data in SharePoint Online.
cloud backup

A Tale of Two Services: Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Storage

Some may be under the impression that “cloud backup” and “cloud storage” are synonymous. However, this is not the case! Click here to learn the difference.
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TKO: DocAve Online Backup vs AvePoint Cloud Backup

AvePoint Cloud Backup is one of our newest additions to the ‘Solution as a Service’ world. Our Backup as a Service is faster, better, and easier – giving you simplicity and ease of use without compromising backup power or restore control.
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Using Cloud Backup to Prevent Data Loss in Office 365

Learn all about O365 Backup with this guide from AvePoint. From cost to strategy to to licensing options, you're in the right place for all things backup!
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