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AvePoint Intern (Not So) Confidential: Week Five

As week five of my AvePoint internship comes to an end, I am more confident in my abilities and feel part of an incredible team. It has been a complete pleasure working here, but the truth is that week five brings us closer to the end! With a sense of the inevitable conclusion of my internship coming quicker than imagined, I think back to when I was first offered the internship. AvePoint’s emphasis on team work and collaboration has proven to be comprehensive. This, in turn, has helped to create a really refreshing atmosphere. Personally, not only have I been able to utilize resources for projects, but whenever I’ve needed any help it has always been readily available – truly speaking to AvePoint’s supportive work environment.
As I get ready to finalize my LinkedIn project, I am really happy with the progress the AvePoint company page has made in just a month. It will be presented at the end of this internship, and it is clear that AvePoint will showcase how it is a proven global software leader through not only Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn as well. Additionally, I’ve been working with our Global Communications team on more press releases (So stay tuned!), and I’m getting better at understanding the structure and consistency that goes into these pieces.

There’s something to be said about experience. Each week brings a better sense of accomplishment and knowledge, and I consider the latter a part of my foundation for my professional career. I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to work in a setting with such smart, fun, and open people. I look forward to the rest of my internship, and I hope that all my peers and colleagues had a very happy Fourth of July holiday!




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