Webinar - April 30, 1:00PM

Empower Hour: Team Templates & Top Tips

Learn the strategies that will make your teams moreefficient

Webinar - April 23, 2:00PM

Machine Learning For Records Management - 5 Things To Know!

Webinar - April 22, 11:00AM

Cloud Governance: Enforced Site & Team Recertification

Ready to learn how to automatically enforce a site or team re-certification? Watch as Shaun Pitt walks you through the interface of Cloud Governance and displays how to ensure your sites and teams are being re-certified.


Utilise Office 365 to Establish Continuity Planning & Resilience


Private Channels In Microsoft Teams: Real World Implications and Applications

Private Channels change the game. How should you adjust?


6 Practical Tips to Mastering Office 365 Groups

Master Office 365 Groups before they master you!


From Take-Off to Landing: 6 Steps to a Successful Microsoft Teams Pilot

Your journey to Microsoft Teams can be turbulence-free with the right planning.


Secure Collaboration and Enhance Adoption of Microsoft Teams

Empower end users to scale, automate and secure workspaces on their own without burdening IT


Automate Permission Management with DocAve Administrator

Learn how permission management could be quick, simple, automated, and more secure through the use of DocAve.


DocAve Administrator: Enforce up to 50+ SharePoint Policy Controls

Prevent of revert user actions that violate your policies by implementing policy controls with over 50 options for your SharePoint environment.


Tailoring Microsoft Teams & Delegating Administration in Office 365

Learn how to give departments in the same Office 365 tenant different policies for provisioning, external sharing, retention and more!


Planning for Office 365: Governing Your Cloud Environment

A haymaker to the soft-spot will ensure your digital transformation knock-out in round three.