The Fastest Cloud Migration on the Market

Migrate cloud files from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other Office 365 tenants into your Office 365 cloud. None of the headache, all of the speed.



Find out how many users and how much content you've got, to establish your scope. We’re focused on #justthefiles – so be sure you have your source ready to go!



Lift and shift just the files. Our 100% cloud-hosted migrator will help you move up to 100TB of files per day! So, you can drop Dropbox, send Box packing, and say goodbye to Google Drives!



Get the details as your migration completes. What you’ll find? The latest versions, ready to use in your destination of choice!

Migrate as Easy as 1-2-3

No matter your current cloud storage system, we'll speedily move you to Office 365, or your cloud of choice. Transfer up to 100TB per day with our 100% cloud-hosted, migration software-as-a-service. Bring the latest file versions from lists, libraries, and folders, and leave the rest. Simply select your source, destination, and prepare to be blown away by the speed of your files whizzing by!

Cloud Fly

Drop Dropbox

Quit stalling...take advantage of Office 365's integrated, modern workplaces. Turn those files into major business assets.

Send Box packing

Renewals? Outgrown your license model? Switch to Office 365 and unleash the power of true modern collaboration.

Goodbye to Google Drives

Let's upgrade! Office 365's got security controls and rich collaboration features to unlock your organization's potential.

See ya cloud stores

Are files in other cloud stores like Egnyte, or stagnant on Azure or Amazon systems? Give them the Office 365 treatment too!

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