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Transfreight Saves 67% of Time Required to Move Microsoft SharePoint Content and 63% of Time Required to Update Security Settings with DocAve

Find out how Transfreight used DocAve to increase efficiency when managing SharePoint content, settings, configurations, and security.

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STATS ChipPAC Reduces Time Required to Restore Microsoft SharePoint Data by 98% and Lowers Content Database Storage by 50% with DocAve

Learn how STATS ChipPAC protected its SharePoint data, improved platform performance, and simplified its migration with DocAve.

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OceanaGold Replicates Data between Microsoft® SharePoint® Environments in New Zealand and the Philippines every 15 Minutes with DocAve®

Learn how OceanaGold used DocAve to allow its employees in New Zealand and the Philippines to access the same SharePoint data through two-way replications while minimizing administrative expenses. Region: New Zealand

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Western Health Restores Microsoft SharePoint Data 99% Faster than Organisational Service Level Agreement with DocAve

Learn how Western Health protected its SharePoint data and restored lost or deleted content within minutes by using DocAve.

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Western Health

Australian Law Firm Saves Critical Business Data and Increases Administrator Efficiency by Protecting and Managing Microsoft SharePoint with DocAve

Find out how an Australian law firm easily restored Microsoft SharePoint data while simplifying management of content and end user permissions with DocAve.

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KPN Migrates 4.1 TB of Microsoft SharePoint Data 79% Faster with DocAve

Find out how KPN saved significant time in its SharePoint migration while minimizing business disruption for end users.

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Unigarant Migrates Microsoft SharePoint Data 94% Faster and Reduces Content Database Storage by 56% with DocAve

Find out how Unigarant sped up its SharePoint migration process and optimized storage with DocAve.

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H3 Solutions Gives Customers Confidence in Cloud Services by Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments with the AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment (APIA) System

Find out how APIA enabled H3 Solutions to automate the process of evaluating, assessing, and reporting on the privacy implications of its cloud services solution.

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H3 Solutions

Airbus Helicopters Reduces Microsoft SharePoint Content Database by 59% and Centralizes Data from Legacy Systems with DocAve

Learn how Airbus Helicopters improved SharePoint performance, reduced storage costs, and simplified migration of business data from legacy systems. Region: Europe

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National Development Council Protects 1 TB of Microsoft Office 365 Data and Reduces Backup Costs by 80% with AvePoint Online Services

Learn how the National Development Council ensured high availability of critical organizational information with automated full and incremental SharePoint Online backups.

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National Development Council
  • Platform Office 365, SharePoint Online
  • Solutions Cloud Backup