Wah Lee Industrial Corp. Protects Business Critical Data and Connects 20 TB of File Share Content to Microsoft SharePoint with AvePoint

Find out how Wah Lee Industrial Corp. connected file share content directly to SharePoint without migrating and optimizing SharePoint storage.

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Wah Lee Industrial Corp

National Records of Scotland Migrates Directly from Lotus Quickr and Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint in Eight Weeks with AvePoint Client Services

Find out how National Records of Scotland made a seamless transition from legacy systems to SharePoint by engaging a Migration-as-a-Service offering using the UK Government Cloud.

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National Records of Scotland

Europoles Boosts its Ability to Migrate, Manage, and Protect Microsoft SharePoint Data with DocAve

Learn how Europoles migrated, managed and protected SharePoint data to improve efficiency with DocAve.

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Canadian Cancer Society Automates Microsoft Office 365 Governance Policy Enforcement for 2,000 Users and Volunteers with AvePoint Online Services

Learn how Canadian Cancer Society automated governance policy enforcement and performed automatic backups in SharePoint Online.

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Canadian Cancer Society

INPEX Created and Maintains Custom Microsoft SharePoint Portal for 3,000 Global Users with AvePoint Services and Solutions

Find out how AvePoint Client Services helped INPEX provide global information workers with centralized, user-friendly portals for company information and collaboration.

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BDO New Zealand Achieves Flexible Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint Online Backup with AvePoint Online Services

Find out how BDO New Zealand gained additional SharePoint Online backup capabilities and ensured content availability with AvePoint Online Services.

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BDO New Zealand

School of Oriental and African Studies Saves Time Protecting Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint Online Data for 7,000 Users with AvePoint Online Services

See how School of Oriental And African Studies, University of London uses AvePoint Online Services to schedule automatic backups and granularly restore content in minutes.

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  • Platform Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online
  • SolutionsCloud Backup

AuditOne Gains Better Control Over Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection and Generates Audit Reports 88% Faster with AvePoint Online Services

See how financial services company AuditOne saved time and costs by automating backups to a variety of cloud-based storage destinations.

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  • Platform Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online
  • SolutionsCloud

CFO Services Copies Customized Microsoft SharePoint Site Templates 80% Faster with DocAve

Learn how financial services company CFO Services improved IT efficiency and reduced operational costs with the ability to easily copy site templates with full fidelity.

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CFO Services
  • Platform SharePoint 2010
  • SolutionsDocAve

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Drives Microsoft SharePoint Adoption and Seamlessly Integrates 2 TB of File Share Data with DocAve

Find out how St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences integrated file share data with SharePoint, avoiding the need to carry out a month-long migration project that would have disrupted business operations.

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St. Pölten University
  • Platform SharePoint 2013
  • SolutionsDocAve