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SharePoint Reporting

SharePoint Reporting

Gain insight into activity, storage, trends, and users for Microsoft® SharePoint® deployments.

SharePoint Reporting

To succeed in today's competitive business environment, you need actionable intelligence. You must transform information into knowledge, and knowledge into decisive action. For Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2010 environments, it is critical not only to easily view and report upon every aspect of platform performance, user behavior, and activity trends, but also export data quickly if required for litigation requests. DocAve meets these needs from one customizable, user interface, enabling organizations to:

  • Record and report upon all SharePoint events and activities
  • Search and report upon all SharePoint content for precision legal response
  • Monitor graphical topology of SharePoint environments, including all servers and their functions, relationships, roles, services, and system health in real time
  • View and report on a wide variety of data, storage trending, and usage, and statistics

As with all AvePoint software, DocAve reporting solutions utilize only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and API’s.

Reporting Requirement Product or Solution
Quickly identify sites with unusual trends in page traffic, site activity, storage trends, checked out documents, and active documents on a per-site basis. DocAve Analytics
Search all active and archived SharePoint content for legal review, and place legal hold on discrete artifacts with ease. DocAve eDiscovery
Enable chargeback calculations to business units by reporting all relevant business usage data and measuring the adoption rates of SharePoint deployments. DocAve Governance Automation

View and report on all aspects of platform usage, health, and resource utilization from one customizable dashboard for comprehensive platform intelligence.

DocAve Report Center

For SharePoint administrators, comprehensive SharePoint reporting and business intelligence is comprised of three core components:

  • On-Demand Analysis and Reporting

    All business intelligence is time-sensitive – so swift access to the precise information you need is vital. A centralized, customizable dashboard, delivering the precise metrics you need is a critical tool for business-intelligence. Flexible and comprehensive reporting capabilities based on all system health and platform activity metrics is essential for giving decision makers the knowledge they need for success in deploying and managing Microsoft SharePoint.

  • SharePoint Deployment Health and Status

    Information about your SharePoint servers – including their functions, roles, services, and health – is critical to developing future procurement and management strategies. Access to key metrics such as average site load times, inheritance events, object inventories, security setting, server memory usage, service reports, storage usage, and workflow status is critical to proactively identifying and preventing problems before they adversely affect productivity.

  • SharePoint Usage Reporting

    Understanding how your deployment is being utilized by end-users is vital to efficient management. Having access to accurate and timely answers to the following questions is critical to intelligent decision making:

    – Who accessed what content, and when?
    – What are the deployment’s most popular search terms?
    – Who are the prolific producers of content and who are the consumers of content?
    – How does Site A activity compare to that of Site B and Site C?
    – What is the average time necessary for a given workflow to complete?