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DocAve Online

Office 365 Management

DocAve Online for Microsoft® Office 365™ Management

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DocAve Online, hosted on Windows Azure, is a Software-as-a-Service platform that empowers organizations to extend cloud computing as their specific business needs dictate by providing the following capabilities:

  • Manage - Office 365 Management
    Simplify implementation, management, and enforcement of governance policies with unmatched control over Microsoft® SharePoint® Online content, configurations, and security. Watch Video
  • Protect - Office 365 Management
    Protect and quickly restore all content in Office 365 instances – including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive for Business – with granular content backup and recovery. Watch Video
  • Restructure - Office 365 Management

    Reorganize and move enterprise content within or across your Office 365 instances, to easily reflect evolving information architecture requirements and accommodate growth.

  • Synchronize - Office 365 Management

    Ensure optimal performance with real-time publication and synchronization across multiple Office 365 instances as business needs dictate.

  • Report - Office 365 Management

    Customizable reports and alerts help organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of SharePoint Online settings, security, and content type usage.

Business Case for Office 365 Management

Organizations worldwide are quickly adopting cloud computing in order to stay ahead of a hyper-competitive business landscape. The immediate draw to cloud computing is clear – reduced total cost of ownership and less hardware for IT administrators to maintain. Transferring SharePoint and Exchange workloads to Microsoft Office 365 can significantly reduce cost and improve global access to SharePoint content.

With Office 365, Microsoft is charged with supporting stringent service level agreements (SLAs) and Office 365 management. This can be an advantage to most organizations that would not be able to meet these same SLAs with internal resources.

However, this also means organizations have limited ability to control cloud-based assets, as Microsoft restricts Office 365 management controls available to reduce risks associated with storing content in Office 365. For instance, organizations are no longer allowed to install third-party or custom solutions they had in on-premises environments because they provided key administrative functionality to simplify permissions and content management across sites or site collections.

Despite this reduced control, organizations must still find ways to implement organizational governance and compliance policies for content security; content and site structure; and data recovery. It is imperative that an organization's infrastructure be as nimble and flexible as the knowledge workers it supports, in order to properly accommodate evolving business requirements.

With DocAve Online, giving up control over your physical servers doesn't mean giving up control over users, permissions, and content.

Business Advantages of DocAve Online for Office 365 Management

    • Increase efficiency and productivity with centralized search and management of SharePoint settings, configurations, and security across Microsoft Office 365-hosted deployments
    • Easily browse and identify SharePoint assets using tree or search modes, and take action to propagate configuration and security changes to site collections, sites, folder, and lists in bulk
    • Temporarily grant users and/or groups access to Team and Project sites, with the flexibility to set when permissions automatically expire so users only have access for the period in which they need it
    • Ensure all sites remain within established governance policies by monitoring sites around the clock, automatically adjusting settings and configurations across existing environments
    • Control features, permissions, and settings by utilizing out-of-the box, configurable rules
    • Protect all SharePoint content in Office 365 instances, now including OneDrive for Business, with granular content backup and recovery to quickly restore lost or corrupt documents and sites
    • Ensure continuous availability of Exchange Online calendars, contacts, e-mails, tasks, and archived Microsoft Lync conversations
    • Leverage robust scheduling capabilities to ensure all business-critical assets are protected according to organizational Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Connect to storage devices over Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) networks, allowing for flexibility when determining which platform is best for the content being backed up
    • Ensure business continuity by restoring SharePoint Online content to storage locations in the event of SharePoint Online service disruption
    • Reorganize and move cloud-based content within site collections or across sites to easily reflect evolving information architecture requirements and accommodate growth
    • Comprehensively copy, move, migrate, and restructure SharePoint apps, content, sites, and configurations in real time or on a schedule
    • Quickly tag and classify SharePoint content by updating SharePoint metadata in bulk
    • Allow for streamlined content publication as organizations' business needs dictate
    • Consistently facilitate collaboration across multiple Microsoft Office 365 instances – including internal site collections and public-facing sites for both internal and external users
    • Improve end-user productivity and provide fast access to the latest content, configurations, workflow history, versions, and security with multiple, scheduled synchronization options
    • Enterprise-class auditing capabilities help organizations gain deep insight into global SharePoint settings, security, and content type usage
    • Report and monitor on who created, deleted, and modified content – as well as settings and security – across an entire SharePoint Online tenant
    • Export reports to a local system or publish them directly to SharePoint libraries for analysis
    • Monitor the current state of the environment and gain a comprehensive understanding of SharePoint Online topology

Technical Overview for Office 365 Management

Screenshot Tour:

DocAve Online login screen

DocAve Online login screen

DocAve Online landing page

DocAve Online landing page

Import SharePoint site collections

Import SharePoint site collections

Search security and permissions across SharePoint Online

Search security and permissions across SharePoint Online

Temporarily grant users and/or groups access

Temporarily grant users and/or groups access

Audit reporting and filters options

Audit reporting and filters options

Data protection for SharePoint Online,OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online

Data protection for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business & Exchange Online

Please read our Technical Overview PDF to learn more about how DocAve Online:

  • Improves operational efficiency and IT productivity
  • Centralizes administration and security management
  • Continuously monitors and automatically adjusts unauthorized changes
  • Granularly protects and recovers assets
  • Efficiently manages content and internal migrations
  • Replicates and synchronizes business-critical content
  • Offers comprehensive intelligence and reporting

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