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SharePoint Protection

SharePoint Protection

Ensure platform availability and reliability with robust
data protection of all Microsoft® SharePoint® assets.

SharePoint Protection

Adoption of Microsoft SharePoint is rapidly accelerating as companies seek to take advantage of the platform’s potent toolset for team collaboration and enterprise content management. In addition to standard backup and restore and availability requirements, organizations must also ensure SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 remains protected from inappropriate content as well as compliant with content retention and preservation policies. DocAve is the only truly integrated, easy-to-use solution for complete SharePoint protection.

  • Enhance business continuity with intelligent item- through platform-level data protection and simplified restore of all SharePoint assets, including content and customizations
  • Protect all SharePoint sites, whether they reside on premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid environments
  • Ensure continuous SharePoint platform availability with one-switch failover to stand-by content in the event of network failure, downtime, or disaster
  • Scan all content prior to upload to proactively protect SharePoint from inappropriate or non-compliant content, and ensure policy compliance with periodic scanning
  • Retain all SharePoint content in immutable form, and search with ease for total compliance

As with all AvePoint software, DocAve data protection solutions utilize only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

Data Protection Scope
Protection Requirement DocAve Product or Solution
Protect against privacy, accessibility, and security violations in order to comply with regulatory guidelines and internal protocols. AvePoint Compliance Guardian
Secure all records with the ability to delete or maintain immutable, read-only copies of archived content in SharePoint, and export content into Concordance and Autonomy compatible file format for further legal review DocAve Archiver
Perform granular and platform level backups of all SharePoint assets – whether on-premises or in the cloud – with full-fidelity, item-level restore or complete platform recovery. DocAve Backup and Restore
Apply appropriate backup schedules automatically to sites or site collections upon creation to easily enforce compliance with organizational SLAs. DocAve Governance Automation
Provide instant access to information on a stand-by SharePoint environment in the event of network downtime, failure, or disaster. DocAve High Availability
Protect all SharePoint content in Microsoft® Office 365® instances, with granular content backup and recovery to quickly restore lost or corrupt documents and sites. DocAve Online
Restore SharePoint site collections, sites, lists, libraries, individual items, and versions directly into SharePoint from live databases or backups with full fidelity. DocAve SQL Server Data Manager
Store and monitor SharePoint data in a structured, auditable way in order to help comply with stringent legal and regulatory requirements. DocAve Vault