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SharePoint Content Management

SharePoint Content Management

DocAve Content Manager for Microsoft® SharePoint® Content Management

Migrate. Manage. Simplify enterprise content organization, restructuring, and management for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 and SharePoint 2010.

Content Manager allows organizations to:

  • Comprehensively copy, move, migrate, and restructure

    SharePoint apps, content, sites, and topology within or across SharePoint environments in real time or on a schedule
  • Quickly tag and classify SharePoint content

    by updating SharePoint metadata in bulk or through an organized review process, with optional delegation to business owners
  • Easily respond to evolving information governance policies

    or organizational structure changes by managing enterprise content through a single, highly intuitive management console
  • Microsoft® Office 365 compatibility

     allows administrators to seamlessly restructure SharePoint 2013 content on premises or within hybrid environments

DocAve Content Manager comprehensively moves, copies, and restructures Microsoft SharePoint apps, content, sites, and topology within SharePoint 2010 or across SharePoint 2013 environments – whether on premises or hosted in Microsoft Office 365.

For more information on migrating content from prior SharePoint releases to SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, please visit our SharePoint Migration page.

All Microsoft, All the Way

As with all AvePoint software, Content Manager utilizes only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

Business Case for SharePoint Content Management

As SharePoint environments expand to reach global users and achieve additional business objectives, organizations must find ways to scale the platform to manage ever-increasing user bases and more complex infrastructure requirements. As such, organizations need to periodically restructure the information architecture for SharePoint deployments to meet evolving business needs. While SharePoint natively offers some capabilities with Windows Explorer, or through command line interfaces such as STSADM or PowerShell, there are limitations that could result in the loss of valuable metadata and version histories.

Through a centralized, highly intuitive management console – featuring familiar ribbon-based controls and wizard-based, step-by-step guidance – DocAve Content Manager allows administrators to easily manage and restructure SharePoint content with minimal interruption to business processes in order to quickly respond to evolving information governance requirements.

Business Advantages for SharePoint Content Management

Technical Overview for SharePoint Content Management

Screenshot Tour:

Content Manager Home Screen

Content Manager Home Screen

Copy or Move Options. Attach or Merge Options

Copy or Move Options. Attach or Merge Options

Content Manager Source and Designation Mapping Options

Content Manager Source and Designation Mapping Options

  • Manage SharePoint content within or across all farms through a single, intuitive interface featuring familiar ribbon-based controls and wizards for “step-by-step” guidance
  • Seamlessly migrate to Microsoft Office 365 - SharePoint Online and manage hybrid SharePoint environments by copying or moving content across on-premises and cloud-based environments
  • Copy content from one source to multiple destinations to quickly distribute changes across multiple sites or SharePoint environments
  • Migrate, copy, move, and restructure content – including content externalized by DocAve Connector and DocAve Storage Manager – within or across different locations, servers, and farms with full fidelity
  • Maintain list and library integrity with full support for all list types – including in-place records, document libraries, issues lists, discussion threads, and announcements – as well as content metadata and configurations
  • Easily migrate content across development, staging, and production environments to reduce deployment time windows, improve IT productivity, and populate development environments with sample production content
  • Simplify cross-domain migration, restructuring, and reorganization by graphically mapping domains, users, and permissions, ensuring all data and metadata is maintained
  • Promote or demote sites on-the-fly and copy content – from list to list, library to library, or site to site – according to business requirements across multiple SharePoint environments or content databases
  • Attach and Merge features simplify the promotion and demotion of sites or site collections for intuitive content restructuring

DocAve Content Manager Resources

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Not fully migrated to SharePoint 2013 or 2010 yet?

To manage and restructure content in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or WSS v2,
please contact an AvePoint representative.

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