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AvePoint Meetings: A Microsoft SharePoint App

AvePoint Meetings: A Microsoft® SharePoint® App

AvePoint Meetings: a Microsoft® SharePoint® App for Productivity

Outsmart the chaos. Bring our innovation to your meetings.

Meetings allows business users to collaborate with one another in real-time before, during, and after meetings by:

  • Creating single or reoccurring meetings with “roll call” capabilities for automatic creation of attendee lists based on previous or reoccurring meeting instances
  • Allowing meeting attendees to adjust and update meeting agendas as well as discussion topics
  • Audit meeting attendance for greater organizational tracking and visibility
  • Capturing meeting information and notes with multi-user support
  • PRO Feature: Tracking meeting minutes with full auditing, allowing for historical search capabilities
  • Assigning, aggregating, and synchronizing tasks and actions

To keep pace in a hypercompetitive market, organizations are constantly searching for innovative and readily available technologies to drive more productivity from stagnant, legacy processes and methodologies. More often than not, routine activities like organizational meetings, note-taking, and task assignments are the cause for operational inefficiency in the workspace because of their unstructured nature and lack of standardization.

To address this challenge, AvePoint presents AvePoint Meetings to its line of Productivity Apps, as a way to bring order and efficiency to your organization's meetings.

The end result:

Controlled Chaos! Your meetings now have clearly defined goals and structure from the chaos that was.

AvePoint Meetings is available for both on-premises, and for Office 365 – SharePoint Online deployments.

To learn more about how AvePoint Meetings can help your organization end the culture of mundane, unproductive meetings, please download our free app from the Microsoft® Office 365 App Store. For on-premises deployments and to learn how to enhance your productivity with AvePoint Meetings Pro’s advanced features and functionality, please contact sales.

Business Case for SharePoint Productivity

AvePoint Chief Architect and Microsoft SharePoint MVP Jeremy Thake summarizes the AvePoint Innovation Center’s inspiration and internal business cases for the creation of AvePoint Meetings:

AvePoint Productivity Apps for On-Premises Microsoft SharePoint Deployments

Business Advantages of a SharePoint App for Productivity

Technical Overview of a SharePoint App for Productivity

  • Browser-based UI with live, multi-user information capturing functionalities
  • Supports Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox web browsers
  • Hosted on Windows® Azure®, AvePoint Meetings takes advantage of cloud scalability to easily support any number of business users and SharePoint sites. With Azure's 99.95% monthly SLA, business users are provided with reliable access to their most up-to-date tasks and calendars
  • All meeting data is stored in SharePoint Custom Lists and data can therefore be accessed with security trimmed SharePoint APIs if required for extensibility
  • Upload attachments before, during, and after meeting instances for supplemental information and enhanced collaboration.
  • PRO Feature: Search meetings by keyword to quickly locate individual meetings for review, audit, and action status
  • Site-level security trimming to delegate and limit meeting information to the appropriate audience
  • Supports both on-premises* and online versions of SharePoint 2013 as well as Microsoft Exchange 2013 environments

*Please Contact Sales for available on-premises support as it requires a high trust server to server (S2S) provider hosted app

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