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SharePoint Analytics

SharePoint Analytics

DocAve Analytics for Microsoft® SharePoint® Overview

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AvePoint®, the leader in governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, has announced DocAve Analytics, a new Windows 8 application with a modern UI specifically designed for both touch and keyboard interaction. DocAve Analytics simplifies the monitoring and reporting of SharePoint site usage, enabling organizations to make more proactive and intelligent site management decisions.

DocAve Analytics, utilizing infrastructure and platform intelligence data from DocAve Report Center, presents users with details for the SharePoint sites they manage in a graphical dashboard display. Each SharePoint site is represented by a Windows 8 UI tile, which can also be pinned to the Windows 8 home screen. The respective tiles alert users to events such as unusual spikes in usage or outliers in selected browsing history based on typical usage of the SharePoint site to simplify SharePoint site owner management.

Business Advantages of DocAve Analytics

Simplify SharePoint Site Owner Management

  • Utilize DocAve Report Center Data Collection

    Make intelligent and proactive decisions by easily accessing graphical representations of site usage based on SharePoint reporting data

  • Analytics via Windows 8 Home Screen

    Configurable dashboards, interactive "tiles", and graphical representations of site usage allow SharePoint owners and users to easily monitor and analyze sites by accessing their Windows 8 home screen

  • Trending Activity & Storage

    Allow Site Owners to quickly identify sites with unusual trends in page traffic, site activity, storage trends, checked out documents, and active documents on a per-site basis

  • Filter for Relevant Data

    Simplify site monitoring with graphical representations, and filter report data by date and/or time

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DocAve Analytics Technical Overview

  • Aggregate data from existing DocAve Report Center and out-of-the-box SharePoint reports
  • Supports on-premises SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 environments
  • Display analytics only for sites users are accountable for by verifying user credentials of specified site URLs directly through DocAve Analytics
  • Designed for both Tablets/Slates (touch) and Desktop (keyboard) interaction on Windows 8
  • Rich visual representations and graphical interface based on the Windows 8 Modern UI
  • Requires DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 1 to be configured on the SharePoint farms
  • Consumes a WCF service that collects data from databases populated by DocAve 6 SP1 Report Center jobs

Monitor and Report On:

Page Traffic Site Activity Storage Growth Checked-out Documents Active Documents
Using the IIS logs, audit logs, and web analytics data to track visitors to the site Using the audit logs to track add, edits, and deletes to content in the site Using the site storage information Querying all document libraries for checked out documents Querying all document libraries for frequently edited or viewed (active) documents
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DocAve Analytics Resources

Download free on the Windows 8 store. For any additional questions or concerns about DocAve Analytics, please utilize our discussion board.

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DocAve Analytics Screenshots

DocAve Analytics login page

1 – DocAve Analytics login page

 Add site by click or touch

2 – Add site by click or touch

 Add site URL & user credentials

3 – Add site URL & user credentials

 Site is available for monitoring

4 – Site is available for monitoring

 Manage site thresholds

5 – Manage site thresholds

 Configurable thresholds per site

6 – Configurable thresholds per site

 Add and configure more sites

7 – Add and configure more sites

 Swipe or scroll across for more sites

8 – Swipe or scroll across for more sites

 Site collection overview

9 – Site collection overview

One touch to filter by relevance

10 – One touch to filter by relevance

Filter by month

11 – Filter by month

Monitor most accessed documents

12 – Monitor most accessed documents

 Additional filter options

13 – Additional filter options

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Next Steps

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DocAve Analytics Demonstration