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AvePoint Technical Account Management Services

AvePoint Technical Account Management Services

TAM Services brochure

Technical Account Management Services Overview

As SharePoint continues to play a vital role for organizations’ collaboration initiatives, downtime and business interruptions are the main inhibitors in organizations’ ability to meet dynamic business and technical needs. AvePoint helps more than 13,000 organizations worldwide seamlessly manage and protect critical assets in order to gain more value from, and grow their deployments.

AvePoint’s Technical Account Management (TAM) services are designed specifically to provide the technical and business resources required to fully optimize the benefits of AvePoint solutions for governance, compliance, productivity, and infrastructure management.

AvePoint’s TAM Services provide organizations with:

  • A single point of contact experienced in both AvePoint and Microsoft technologies.
  • Assistance in helping you better managing all technical aspects of your environment, including alignment of product capabilities with core business needs, managing environment issues, and support escalations.

This supplementary assistance for your internal IT management resources mean less downtime and greater productivity as there is a trusted adviser to maximize return on investment on SharePoint and wider enterprise collaboration initiatives.

AvePoint delivers two service package options, Standard and Premier, to help deliver the complete technical support experience in order to meet your specific IT needs.

Key Benefits

  • Internal Advocate: Ensure that support cases and incidents are prioritized, your deployment is taken into consideration, and you receive best practice recommendations.
  • Proactive Analysis: Drive adoption and align technology solutions with core business goals by performing ongoing analysis of the current state of your environment and receiving guidance to close any potential technology gaps.
  • Expert Guidance: Maintain optimal environment productivity and performance levels with extensive SharePoint architecture reviews and best practices guidance, from an AvePoint Certified Technology Specialist (ACTS) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).
  • Consistent Updates: Ensure your environment has the latest features to help maximize your deployment’s success with compatibility and specialized sandbox testing for SharePoint as well as AvePoint products-related updates and service packs.
  • Passionate Customer Support: Swiftly resolve time-sensitive issues while assuring minimum impact to your team and deployment, and respond with emergency on-site assistance for issues that cannot be rectified remotely.

Want to learn more about our TAM service offerings? Download the brochure.

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