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Helping you realize SharePoint's full potential

AvePoint Partner Services

AvePoint Partner Services (APPS) enables partners and customers to utilize AvePoint’s vast developer resources – the world’s largest SharePoint-exclusive group of its kind – to deliver custom-built solutions, services, and applications that unleash SharePoint’s full potential and meet organizations’ specific business objectives.

APPS works hand-in-hand with all the key stakeholders to examine the opportunity, formulate a clear plan of action, and manage the project through to completion.  APPS enables our service partners and customers to unleash SharePoint's full potential. 


Learn how the AvePoint Partner Services team helped Microsoft Technology Center reduce their SharePoint 2010 Migration by two months.

Organizations have invested time and money in legacy software applications designed to suit their unique business needs.  APPS uses our expertise to help partners and customers migrate content, functions, and processes from these legacy systems through:

  • Collaborative analysis of legacy systems' functions and features

  • Full-fidelity migration of legacy business applications and content to SharePoint

  • Expedient SharePoint migration with minimal business disruption

  • Custom SharePoint solutions unleashing the platform's full business potential

SharePoint offers a myriad of opportunities to customize the platform to suit specific business needs. APPS works with partners and customers to:

  • Analyze existing business processes and applications

  • Build custom SharePoint applications tailored to specific needs

  • Enable business processes in line with established objectives

Don’t let SharePoint’s strength in promoting grass-roots growth among end-users lead to an unmanaged, non-compliant platform environment. APPS works hand-in-hand with partners and customers to:

  • Create custom monitoring, reporting, and administration tools

  • Ensure organizations' SharePoint infrastructure is aligned with its specific business needs

  • Design and implement governance policies

  • Manage and gain complete control of SharePoint implementations

As SharePoint usage grows, the platform’s overall performance and scalability may be negatively affected as content is stored in SQL Server content databases. APPS works closely with partners and customers to architect true content lifecycle management, including:

  • Analysis of existing data and content usage

  • Reporting and monitoring system design and implementation

  • Architecting and implementing full records management and storage optimization systems

Our Pledge

Fervent commitment to customer satisfaction is APPS’ penultimate priority. To reinforce that commitment, our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee states that in the event that if all stakeholders on a custom engagement are not satisfied with the performance of the work performed in accordance with the established guidelines, we will either correct the work performed or perform the same work to proper applicable standards a second time, at No Charge. For more information, contact


Contact Information 

By Telephone:

201.793.1111 option 1 (800-661-6588)