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Content Replicator for Salesforce

Content Replicator for Salesforce

Content Replication for Salesforce

Synchronize. Automated, real-time integration of SharePoint document libraries with Salesforce content libraries.

SharePoint and Salesforce CRM often become the primary software platforms for improving collaboration and CRM workflow, but until recently, there has been no way for the two platforms to complement each other.

With Content Replicator for Salesforce, organizations can integrate SharePoint document management processes with Salesforce resources.

Content Replicator helps organizations:

  • Publish documents located in SharePoint document libraries into Salesforce content workspaces via a simple point-and-click approach
  • Replicate documents in real-time or on a scheduled basis to optimize storage resources and make SharePoint-to-Salesforce integration as seamless as possible
  • Keep content (documents) synchronized between SharePoint document libraries and Salesforce content workspaces

Business Advantages of Content Replicator for Salesforce

Content Replicator for Salesforce Technical Overview

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Add Content Replication Mappings

Add Content Replication Mappings

Replicator Settings

Replicator Settings

Library Mappings

Library Mappings

  • Customizable filters based on document properties and metadata – including built-in or customized fields for supporting workflows – ensures administrators can tailor integrations to specific business processes
  • Perform full and subsequent incremental replications to capture changes since the last full or incremental replication in order to optimize bandwidth consumption
  • Replicate in real time based on events or on a schedule to ensure only the most up-to-date data is available for knowledge workers
  • Replicate incremental changes made in Salesforce to SharePoint on a schedule
  • Detect updates to SharePoint content in real time or on a schedule, and replicate changes to Salesforce
  • Configure customizable content type, column, metadata, and user mapping to seamlessly transfer data between SharePoint document libraries and Salesforce content workspaces
  • Enable integration with Microsoft Active Directory and permissions with granular mapping and filtering for each container
  • Filter views for knowledge workers based on major or minor versions to bring awareness to relevant content updates
  • Configure once to ensure replication occurs as business demands to enable seamless publication and unfettered collaboration
  • Supports SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2007

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