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for Microsoft® SharePoint®
& Microsoft® Dynamics CRM

Making content available for employees on the go doesn’t have to mean giving up control of your digital assets. By providing tools that allow you to track progress and integrate additional security measures, your employees are empowered to work independently, within your corporate policies and standards.

Work the way you want, when you want, wherever you want.

What Can AvePoint Mobility & Productivity Solutions Do For You?

AvePoint’s solutions for mobility and productivity extend collaboration beyond the workplace and optimize user productivity with intuitive tools that provide your workforce with the ability to easily access and interpret important data on demand.


Give your users the freedom to choose how, where, and with whom they wish to collaborate – from personal devices to remote locations and external users – all while keeping sensitive digital assets secure.

Secure mobile SharePoint access.


Equip your end users with intuitive tools to easily share information and keep everyone on the same page. Standardize meeting documentation and instill accountability with a unified system for managing information and tracking tasks.

Smarter solutions. Better results.


Less time navigating Dynamics CRM means more time for business initiatives, in the office or off site. Consolidated and interactive interfaces enhance the Dynamics CRM business user experience, from products to mobile applications.

Dynamics CRM simplified.

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