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Hitachi Data Systems

AvePoint and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

Efficiently Manage Microsoft® SQL Server® Database Resources

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Solution Brief:

Solution Brief for Single Site Configurations
The Hitachi Content Platform and AvePoint DocAve solution for SharePoint single-site configurations provide comprehensive, enterprise-level protection for SharePoint deployments in the same data center.

Solution Brief for Multisite Configurations
The Hitachi Content Platform and AvePoint DocAve solution for SharePoint multisite configurations provide comprehensive business continuity protection for SharePoint deployments that span multiple data centers.

About Hitachi Data Systems

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As SharePoint environments expand and end-users further adopt Microsoft SharePoint as a business-critical collaboration tool, organizations are presented with the unique challenge of mitigating exponential data growth while keeping capital and operational expenditures under budget.

The key to reducing SharePoint’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensuring high performance levels throughout SharePoint’s content lifecycle is to efficiently manage SharePoint’s SQL Server content database resources.

Solution Overview

The AvePoint DocAve Software Platform assists organizations in managing and protecting their SharePoint content and eases management of SQL Server environments. The Hitachi Content Platform is a multipurpose object store which stores files and any associated metadata and files as objects. DocAve enables the migration of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) from SQL Server to the Hitachi Content Platform Remote Blob Store (RBS) by utilizing fully supported Microsoft APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to define the rules by which the BLOBs are migrated from SQL over to the Hitachi Content Platform.