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Oracle/Stellent Migration to SharePoint

Oracle/Stellent Migration to SharePoint

DocAve Migrator for Oracle/Stellent Migration

DocAve Oracle/Stellent Migrator provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to transfer content from legacy Oracle/Stellent platforms to SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

This allows SharePoint administrators to easily automate the process of consolidating the full spectrum of corporate-wide, Oracle/Stellent-based digital assets onto SharePoint, all in a cost-effective manner that does not disrupt business productivity.

To ensure a complete and successful migration, DocAve's Pre-Migration Scanner provides a detailed analyses of the migration before it is performed, delivering an itemized report of all elements that will not migrate successfully unless addressed further. The DocAve Pre-migration Scanner will detect and notify you of any illegal characters, user permissions, user names, user domains, and other legacy elements that must be mapped in order to migrate successfully into SharePoint.

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DocAve Migrators and Content Manager form our Migration Solution from previous SharePoint versions and a variety of legacy platforms to SharePoint 2010, 2013, or SharePoint Online. 

All Microsoft, All the Way

As with all AvePoint software, DocAve Oracle/Stellent Migrator leverages only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and API's.

Business Case for SharePoint Migration

To learn more about the importance of SharePoint migration planning, please view our informative Business Case video narrated by AvePoint Product Manager, Zach Benzing:

Business Case for SharePoint Migration

Business Advantages for Oracle/Stellent Migration

  • DocAve Oracle/Stellent Migrator reduces content sprawl and improves worker productivity by centralizing Oracle/Stellent documents and other collaborative assets onto a single SharePoint repository. This allows for more reliable content sharing and information discovery.

  • With GUI-based, drag-and-drop mapping of Oracle/Stellent elements and content to the associated Microsoft SharePoint artifacts - including users - everything is migrated with precision and ease, and knowledge workers can continue to access their content without interruption. Folder structures, document properties and all associated metadata are retained with full fidelity, ensuring that each document looks and performs just like it did when in the legacy system.

  • Selectively include or exclude content for a migration job. This provides administrators a perfect opportunity to filter out unwanted content as needed during a migration process, resulting in a fresh, simple-to-manage, and clutter-free SharePoint repository.

  • Migrate in real-time via the live-migration mode, or according to a customizable schedule. Granular, point-and-click content migration and flexible job scheduling allows administrators to plan migration jobs according to business needs and other organizational timetables. A dynamic FTP-style graphical interface and customizable illegal-character mapping lets administrators deftly map content and metadata while customizable content and file-size filters allow for efficient and fast plan building. The ability to create new SharePoint groups during migration jobs makes execution that much quicker.

  • No special hardware required – run Vignette Migrator within your existing IT infrastructure from a single Web-based interface. It's simple, quick, and inexpensive.

  • The DocAve Pre-Migration Scanner will detect and notify you of any illegal characters, user permissions, user names, user domains, and other legacy elements that must be mapped in order to migrate successfully into SharePoint.

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DocAve Oracle/Stellent Migrator Technical Overview

Easily migrate these Oracle/Stellent elements into SharePoint:

  • Individual file
  • Multi-file
  • Folder
  • Individual Folder and the content under the Folder
  • Multi-level Folders and the content under the Folders
  • The entire disk and the content under the disk
  • The disk and the partial Folders and Files under this disk
  • Individual disk
  • Properties

Map above Oracle/Stellent elements to any of these SharePoint objects:

  • Document Library
  • Form Library
  • Wiki Page Library
  • Picture Library
  • Translation Management Library
  • Data Connection Library
  • Report Library
  • Share Documents
  • Manually entered Folder
  • Save reusable profiles for commonly used migration settings
  • Selectively include or exclude content for a migration job
  • Set custom metadata values

Supported Systems (via DocAve Software Platform – version 5)

  • Oracle/Stellent 7
  • Microsoft SharePoint Sever 2010
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services v3

A detailed list of supported migration source versions can be found in Appendix C of the DocAve 6 Installation Guide. Contact your AvePoint representative for migration source-related questions.

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