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OpenText Content Server (LiveLink) Migration to SharePoint

OpenText Content Server (LiveLink) Migration to SharePoint

DocAve Migrator for OpenText Content Server (Livelink) Migration

Migrate. Quickly consolidate enterprise content from legacy systems or previous Microsoft SharePoint versions into Microsoft SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint Online.

Livelink Migrator allows organizations to:

  • Easily streamline the data transfer

    from Livelink to SharePoint
  • Preserve and map all associated metadata and security settings

    of Livelink content during the migration
  • Plan migration jobs according to business needs

    with granular or bulk content migration and customizable job scheduling

DocAve Livelink Migrator provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to seamlessly migrate from Open Text Livelink to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2010. Open Text Livelink has long been leveraged as a knowledge collaboration, information retrieval, and business process automation platform. In recent years, however, organizations have recognized SharePoint’s superior capabilities in these areas, and are looking to migrate their legacy Livelink data into SharePoint.

Looking to migrate data across SharePoint of the same version or within one SharePoint farm? Check out DocAve Content Manager.

DocAve Migrators and Content Manager form our Migration Solution that offers migration from previous and current SharePoint versions and a variety of legacy platforms to SharePoint 2010, 2013, or SharePoint Online.

All Microsoft, All the Way

As with all AvePoint software, DocAve Livelink Migrator leverages only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and API’s.

Business Case for SharePoint Migration

To learn more about the importance of SharePoint migration planning, please view our informative Business Case video narrated by AvePoint Product Manager, Zach Benzing:

Business Case for SharePoint Migration

Business Advantages for OpenText Content Server (LiveLink) Migration

  • DocAve Livelink Migrator automatically moves content from source Livelink elements to their mapped SharePoint lists, libraries, and folders. Information previously residing in Livelink is maintained with full fidelity, assuring users that no data or metadata will be lost during the transfer. Structures, attachments, and properties are also all retained to ensure that each element looks and performs exactly as your business demands.

  • Job configuration and administration can easily be performed through a single easy-to-use DocAve Web-based interface. Schedule multiple jobs within the same migration plan as well as track and monitor job progress. This allows administrators to access the console interface from anywhere and have the ability to perform any migration task remotely.

  • Migrate an entire instance, folder, or just an individual content item. Reorganize or create new folders upon migration to reduce existing clutter. Granular or bulk migration jobs performed in real-time or scheduled allow administrators to plan migration jobs according to business needs and other organizational timetables, reducing the impact on functioning production environments.

To learn more about best practices for deploying and migrating to Office 365, read our whitepaper Office 365 SharePoint Online-Architectural considerations

Technical Overview for DocAve Livelink Migrator

Screenshot Tour:

Streamline Migration from Livelink to Destination SharePoint Environments

Streamline Migration from Livelink to Destination SharePoint Environments

Point-and-Click Migration to Simplify the Transfer of Content into SharePoint

Point-and-Click Migration to Simplify he Transfer of Content into SharePoint

Map Livelink Elements into SharePoint

Map Livelink Elements into SharePoint

DocAve Livelink Migrator allows IT administrators to easily streamline the transition from Livelink to SharePoint 2013 and 2010 while ensuring that the continuity of business-critical data is not compromised. It transfers content to SharePoint at the item level, preserving all of the associated metadata.

DocAve Livelink Migrator extracts data from Livelink with all of its associated metadata and migrates it to its mapped SharePoint objects.

Supported Elements and Mappings for Migration

Source Destination
Enterprise Workspace
Domain Workspace
  • Site Collection
My Workspace
  • Site Collection/MySite
  • Site Collection/Site
  • Announcements
  • Discussion Board
  • Survey
Task List
  • Project Tasks
Task Group
  • Folder inside a Project Tasks List
  • Task
  • Content Type of Project Task List
Compound Document
  • Document Library
  • Folder
  • Document Set
  • Document Library
  • Folder
  • Document Library
  • Folder
Appearance Workspace Folder
  • Folder
  • Link to Document
Short Cut
  • Link to Document
  • Link to Document
Text Document
  • File in Document Library
Document (Version)
  • File in Document Library
  • File in Document Library
  • Custom List
Category Version
  • Content Type of Custom List
LiveLink Data
  • DocAve Storage Manager
  • DocAve Connector

Supported Systems

Source Destination
OpenText Livelink 9
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Microsoft SharePoint 2007(via DocAve Software Platform – version 5)

A detailed list of supported migration source versions can be found in Appendix C of the DocAve 6 Installation Guide. Contact your AvePoint representative for migration source-related questions.

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To manage and restructure content in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or WSS v2, please contact an AvePoint representative.

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