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DocAve Software

DocAve Software 

DocAve Software for Microsoft® SharePoint® Management

Govern. Introducing Enterprise-Class Management Products for SharePoint Governance

As a fully integrated platform, DocAve Software:

  • Simplifies the deployment, monitoring, and enforcement of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online governance policies
  • Enables centralized or delegated management of SharePoint farms hosted on-premises, or in private and public clouds such as Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure
  • Manages development, test, and production farms with ease
  • Governs solution and component deployment with application lifecycle management tools

The DocAve Difference:

  • User Experience

    Elegant User Experience

    DocAve Software features a redesigned, ribbon-based user interface to simplify and automate SharePoint governance and management.

  • MicroSoft Technologies

    Built Entirely with All Microsoft Technologies

    DocAve Software is built upon all Microsoft technologies and standards, including .NET, WCF, and Silverlight, leveraging only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

  • Customizable

    Extensible and Customizable

    DocAve Software provides administrators and developers with PowerShell cmdlets and APIs with which to customize, automate, and extend the platform's rich capabilities.

Business Advantages of DocAve Software for SharePoint Management

    • Deliver high-performance, global collaboration
    • Enable seamless global SharePoint service
    • Empower business users while enforcing policies and standards
    • Optimize content availability
    • Improve quality of service
    • Consolidate document access to a single user experience
    • Automate the repetitive and time-consuming processes involved in provisioning, configuring, managing, and enforcing SharePoint governance policies
    • Increase operational efficiency
    • Utilize cloud offerings and eliminate infrastructure and storage costs
    • Improve ongoing realignment of cost allocation by analyzing business usage and rate of adoption
    • Provide insight into operations, performance, and usage
    • Integrate and support leading SharePoint hardware and software solutions
    • Consolidate and integrate legacy content management systems
    • Improve quality of service & minimize business disruption.
    • Meet requirements for long-term content and information management
    • Protect business content – regardless of on-premises, hybrid, or cloud hosted - with support for enterprise-caliber Service Level Agreements
    • Architect a highly available service resilient in the face of disaster
    • Protect the content and configuration of leading third-party SharePoint applications and services
    • Standardize and enforce corporate IT policies.
    • Provision user permissions to content
    • Comply with information governance and records management policies by applying retention policies to content
    • Implement sophisticated auditing policies
    • Archive content to tiered storage
    • Respond to Legal eDiscovery requests for with speed and precision


Seamlessly migrate SharePoint content, permissions, and configurations to local or remote SharePoint farms for swift reorganization and streamlined content propagation.



Integrate SharePoint environments with existing network or cloud file-based content, or other SharePoint farms, to consolidate access to enterprise-wide digital assets without migration.


Streamline the implementation and enforcement of access, provisioning, and lifecycle management policies with complete, unified management and control over SharePoint content, customizations, users, security, and sites.


Deliver high-performance global collaboration while lowering SharePoint total cost of ownership (TCO) with efficient Microsoft® SQL Server® storage and content lifecycle management.


Protect all critical SharePoint assets from network failure, non-compliant content, and accidental deletion to ensure continuous SharePoint platform availability.


Single pane access to a wide variety of mission-critical content, data, and trending statistics to generate customizable reports and alerts based on growth, performance, usage or legal eDiscovery requests for proactive decision making.

What’s New with DocAve Software:

DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 3, the next generation of the enterprise-class management platform for SharePoint governance, increases business productivity, reduces total cost of ownership, provides IT assurance, and enables security and compliance for enterprise content. This latest version of AvePoint’s award-winning DocAve Software Platform provides enhanced features for SharePoint governance and compliance as well as new capabilities for migration and disaster recovery, offering a complete data management solution.

Major Feature Enhancements:

Compliance & Storage Management

DocAve Archiver’s enhanced capabilities not only provide flexible archiving of SharePoint content for true enterprise content lifecycle management, but also strengthen records management initiatives, improve compliance, and reduce your total cost of ownership. DocAve Archiver offloads fixed, end-of-life content from SharePoint’s SQL Server content databases to hierarchical storage media based on fully customizable business rules. By maintaining immutable, read-only copies of archived content, DocAve Archiver enables consistent, automatic disposition of SharePoint records according to established policies.

Disaster Recovery

To complement Backup and Restore, AvePoint now offers SQL Server Data Manager, a tool to deliver full fidelity, item-level restore capabilities directly from Microsoft SQL Server backups for fast SharePoint content recovery. Paired with DocAve Backup and Restore, organizations have a complete data protection solution with full-fidelity backup and recovery, from individual content items to entire SharePoint environments and all of their farm-level components, maintaining all metadata, security settings, and version histories. DocAve High Availability is a 24/7 fault tolerance solution for SharePoint that enables centralized control of all SharePoint environments from a single interface, offering a one-switch disaster recovery for SharePoint.


Policy Enforcer, currently part of DocAve Administrator, enables complete control over SharePoint governance. Rapidly respond to unauthorized modifications in features, permissions, and settings, ensuring that all actions and changes to SharePoint environments fall within organization-specific governance policies. Policy Enforcer offers 20 out-of-the-box rules to continuously monitor sites as well as the ability to build additional rules with Policy Enforcer’s Software Development Kit (SDK).


DocAve 6 SP 3 now provides support for direct migration to SharePoint Online from file shares, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007, in addition to supporting migration to SharePoint Online via a staged approach from all supported legacy systems. DocAve 6 SP 3 also supports SharePoint migration from EMC Documentum and Lotus Quickr, and features an improved pre-scan tool with consolidated reports and suggested resolutions for potential issues during migration.

DocAve 6 SP 3 is generally available to customers as of Tuesday, July 16th. To download a free, fully enabled 30-day trial of DocAve 6 SP 3, please visit

AvePoint, the leader in governance, compliance, and management solutions for social enterprise collaboration platforms, announced the latest version of its flagship product for automated service and proactive governance enforcement, DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack (SP) 4, with support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 hybrid deployments.

DocAve Governance Automation encourages the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint by providing end users with a role-based, business-centric service catalog for provisioning, moving, or restructuring content, as well as lifecycle and permissions management requests. DocAve Governance Automation proactively enforces auditing, branding, lifecycle management, permissions, and storage configurations upon request execution and ensures that all actions or changes to your SharePoint environment fall within your organization’s defined SharePoint governance policies.

Major Feature Enhancements:

Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Deployments

Permissions management, provisioning and lifecycle management, and content management for both multi-tenant and dedicated SharePoint Online instances. Provision new sites, lists, or libraries to Microsoft Office 365 in compliance with policy, or enable business content owners to request the migration of SharePoint 2013 on-premises content to Office 365 with approval.

Request Questionnaires

Create a dynamic request questionnaire to gather information on the end users' specific business purposes for a service request in order to ensure that they are guided to the appropriate request forms based on their business needs.

Site Recertification

Automatically assign a task to site collection business owners for recertification of user permissions to each site or site collection throughout its lifecycle. All permissions changes by users involved in the recertification process are tracked, and historical versions are recorded to ensure accountability.

Policy Enforcer

Ensure all newly provisioned and existing sites remain within policy and under control by monitoring your sites around the clock, automatically adjusting settings and configurations across environments by applying rules and profiles offered by DocAve Policy Enforcer.

Extensibility and Customization

Extend your governance policies beyond SharePoint by integrating with existing IT service management systems or by automating the approval process with third-party workflow systems – such as Nintex or K2. Customize to your evolving information architecture by building your own Policy Enforcer rules or profiles and integrating them into more than 40 different event triggers using our Rules Software Development Kit (SDK).

DocAve Governance Automation SP 4 is generally available today, November 19. For more information on SharePoint Governance, please visit AvePoint’s website.

DocAve Online Service Pack (SP) 3, AvePoint’s software-as-a-service platform for Microsoft Office 365 management, empowers organizations to extend cloud computing as their specific business needs dictate with simplified Office 365 administration and security management, granular content protection, content restructuring, synchronization, and publication.

This update features data protection, governance, and reporting enhancements that empower organizations to maintain the same level of protection and control over their cloud-based assets as they have with on-premises solutions.

Major Feature Enhancements:

Policy Enforcement

Ensure all sites remain within established IT governance policies by monitoring sites around the clock, automatically adjusting settings and configurations across existing environments by utilizing out-of-the-box, configurable rules.

Granular Content Protection

Enhance business continuity by restoring SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online content to any supported storage locations, now including on-premises file systems. Utilize scheduling capabilities to ensure all assets are protected according to organizational Service Level Agreements.

Configuration Reports

Gain deeper insight into the graphical topology of SharePoint Online for streamlined architecture planning, in addition to reporting and monitoring on who created, deleted, and modified content – as well as settings and security – across an entire SharePoint Online tenant.

DocAve Online SP 3 is generally available today, Tuesday, January 21. For more information on DocAve Online, or to sign up for a 30-day free trial, please visit the product page on the AvePoint website.

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