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3 Trends That Will Shape Business in 2015

By: TJ

Following his 2014 lessons learned post, Co-CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang shares the major trends that he believes will shape business in 2015.

Date: 01/13/2015 Comments: 4

AvePoint Bridges Box and SharePoint

By: TJ

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang explains how AvePoint is helping enterprise customers stitch together a simplified collaboration strategy across Box and SharePoint.

Date: 07/30/2014 Comments: 0

A New Chapter for AvePoint

By: TJ

Following the announcement that Goldman Sachs has invested $90 million as a minority investor in AvePoint’s future, Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang explains what customers can look forward to.

Date: 04/11/2014 Comments: 1

March Madness, AvePoint Edition – Part Two

By: TJ

Co-CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang shares AvePoint’s big plans for industry events throughout the month of March along with recent news and analyst mentions.

Date: 02/24/2014 Comments: 0

A New Year, and New Beginnings

By: TJ

At the start of the new year, TJ reflects on the successes of 2013 and what’s ahead for AvePoint in 2014.

Date: 01/06/2014 Comments: 0