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AvePoint Product History

AvePoint has consistently distinguished itself as the “first-to-market” provider of enterprise-class big data management, governance, and compliance software solutions for next-generation social collaboration platforms since 2001.

A timeline of AvePoint’s pioneering success…

2002 DocAve 1.0 for SharePoint 2001 released

AvePoint introduces DocAve 1.0, the industry’s first full-fidelity, item-level backup and restore application for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001.

2003 DocAve 2.0 for SharePoint 2003 released

AvePoint delivers the industry’s first full-fidelity, item-level backup and restore application for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v2.

DocAve 2.0 Migrator Module released

AvePoint introduces the first and only metadata-rich granular-level utility for migration from SharePoint Portal Server 2001 to SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v2.

2004 DocAve Software Wins Best Product of the Year by MSD2D

Awarded “Best Product for Backup & Storage Management” by MSD2D at Microsoft TechEd. (The DocAve platform received this award each and every year until the award was discontinued in 2006.)

2005 DocAve Trashbin released

AvePoint debuts the first and only full-function “real-time undelete” Recycle Bin utility for SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v2.

2006 DocAve 3.0 High Availability released

AvePoint delivers the first software-based SharePoint disaster recovery solution for SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v2.

DocAve 4.0 Platform released

AvePoint launches the first and only fully-distributed and scalable enterprise-strength software platform with seamless integration of data protection and administration modules. With a distinctive single-pane browser-based interface (fully integrated with Active Directory), DocAve 4.0 delivers the industry’s first centralized data protection and multiple SharePoint deployment management solution.

DocAve 4.0 Extension Archiver released

AvePoint revolutionizes archiving of SharePoint SQL storage content with an item-level archiving solution that alleviates SQL storage load without effecting end-user experience.

2007 DocAve 4.1 for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) released

Following a tradition of “first-to-market” deliverables, AvePoint becomes the only ISV to provide a full-fidelity, item-level backup and restore solution for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v3.

DocAve 4.1 Platform Recovery for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) released

AvePoint introduces the first and only solution for backup and “point-in-time” recovery of full SharePoint environments, including IIS settings, configurations, custom web parts, solutions, and search index databases for Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v3.

TSM for SharePoint: IBM partners with AvePoint to utilize DocAve technologies in Tivoli Storage Manager

Via an OEM agreement, IBM employs DocAve’s browser-based interface and robust backup and restore technologies in its TSM for SharePoint software.

SMMOSS: NetApp partners with AvePoint to integrate DocAve technologies into SnapManager for SharePoint

Via a private-label OEM agreement, NetApp harnesses AvePoint’s “best-in-breed” backup & restore technologies for its SnapManager for Microsoft Office for SharePoint Server 2007 application, providing users granular, full-fidelity backup & restore capabilities with SQL server snapshots.

2008 DocAve 4.5 for SharePoint 2003 & 2007 released, transforming the DocAve solution suite into a complete SharePoint infrastructure management system covering Data Protection, Administration, Replication, Migration, and Compliance.

From a single-pane, browser-based interface, the DocAve 4.5 platform – with its mix-and-match software modules – provides a full-spectrum SharePoint management solution, with Backup and Recovery, High Availability, Platform Recovery, Discovery, SharePoint Administrator, Replicator, Extension Archiver, Compliance Archiver, Auditor, and Migrator (for stress-free migration of previous SharePoint versions and Exchange Public Folder, File System, and Documentum eRoom into MOSS 2007).

AvePoint introduces Intelligent SharePoint Backup and Recovery with the release of DocAve 5.0

DocAve 5.0’s groundbreaking business process-aware and SLA-driven Backup and Recovery introduces the Business Criticality Matrix, which automates the backup-plan building process by classifying content based upon both business-importance and usage activity, then automatically prescribes it to an appropriate backup schedule based upon user-defined rules. In addition, DocAve 5.0 delivers a new intuitive, elegant user interface, and a highly redundant distributed architecture that provides the industry’s most stable and reliable solution.

DocAve 5.0 Lotus Notes Migrator released

DocAve Lotus Notes Migrator, a new module within AvePoint’s suite of migration solutions is designed to facilitate the transfer of business-critical content from Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint.

DocAve 5.0 Deployment Manager released

DocAve Deployment Manager is designed to empower IT administrators to more efficiently manage the deployment of assets across complex, distributed Microsoft SharePoint environments in the various phases of the staging process.

2009 AvePoint Releases Website Migrator

This powerful tool enables seamless and fully-mapped transfer of any HTTP/S accessible web content into SharePoint.

AvePoint Releases SharePoint Antivirus

The industry’s most potent SharePoint antivirus solution delivers comprehensive malware protection for SharePoint environments.

AvePoint Releases Content Shield

Pioneering new solution empowers organizations to proactively protect prevent non-compliant content from being uploaded into SharePoint.

DocAve v5.2 Released

DocAve v5.2 delivers powerful new modules for LiveLink migration, eDiscovery, Reporting, and instantaneous site restoration.

AvePoint Releases DocAve v5.3

Release introduces the DocAve Storage Optimization Suite (including DocAve Connector, Extender and Archiver), and enhances DocAve Migrator with support for the transfer of Oracle/Stellant and Vignette content to SharePoint.

AvePoint Release Atlas Software Platform

Atlas delivers the industry’s first item-level, on-premise Salesforce data protection solution, as well as the industry’s first SharePoint/Salesforce data replication and content integration tools.

2010 AvePoint Announces Full Support for SharePoint 2010

DocAve Migrator for SharePoint will automate and streamline the transition from SharePoint 2003/2007 to SharePoint 2010 – just one of 25 DocAve modules primed to protect, manage, and optimize SharePoint 2010.

AvePoint Introduces Free Tool for SharePoint BLOB Management

DocAve Extender enables instant offloading of binary large objects to file-system and cloud storage, optimizing SQL database resources of both SharePoint 2007 and 2010 environments.

AvePoint Streamlines Migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange

DocAve Lotus Notes Migrator for Exchange enables the seamless, fully mapped transfer of content from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, and Exchange Online.

DocAve v5.4 Delivers Beta Support for SharePoint 2010

Latest release supports both SharePoint 2007 and 2010 environments, and introduces feature enhancements to many of its 24 SharePoint infrastructure management modules.

DocAve v5.5 Unleashes Full Potential of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

The latest DocAve Software Platform release delivers powerful, enhanced functionality across all solution sets, providing full support for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

2011 AvePoint's DocAve Software Platform Fully Supports Microsoft Office 365

DocAve provides a single platform for managing on-premises and cloud-based deployments of SharePoint Products and Technologies

AvePoint Introduces New Features for SharePoint Management, Protection, and Custom Application Support with DocAve v5.7

AvePoint's latest product release – fully supporting SharePoint 2010 SP1 – offers support for rapid backup and restore as well as third-party custom SharePoint applications

AvePoint Introduces DocAve 6, the Enterprise-Class Management Platform for SharePoint Governance

AvePoint's latest product releases enable organizations to implement and enforce SharePoint governance, and to automate information and service management across distributed on-premise, cloud, or hybrid farms

2012 New Release of AvePoint's DocAve Software Platform Extends Management and Governance for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

DocAve 6, built entirely on Microsoft technologies, helps the usability, scalability, and availability of SharePoint 2010
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Comply with Information Governance Policies for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with AvePoint’s DocAve Content Shield
DocAve Content Shield’s enhanced scanning, blocking, and quarantine features ensure organizations can regulate user-generated content to meet all industry-specific compliance regulations, including Personally Identifiable Information and HIPAA.

AvePoint Opens Next Chapter in File Share Optimization for Microsoft SharePoint
DocAve File Share Navigator rapidly exposes file share content through SharePoint, lowering total cost of ownership, accelerating global collaboration and user adoption, and limiting business disruption.

AvePoint to Provide Full Support for Organizations on Office 365 and Windows Azure Virtual Machines
AvePoint’s new technology adoption program offers powerful backup, administration, and management capabilities as a service to Office 365 customers with DocAve Online for SharePoint, hosted on Windows Azure, and is working with Microsoft Corp. to support SharePoint on Windows Azure Virtual Machines and in pursuing engagements with customers.

AvePoint Introduces the Future of Implementation and Enforcement of Governance Policies for Microsoft SharePoint with DocAve Governance Automation
With features for automated, end-to-end service and information management, DocAve Governance Automation transcends capabilities of existing niche SharePoint security management and provisioning tools.

AvePoint Introduces Foundation for Successful Risk Management with New Compliance Solution for Microsoft SharePoint
With features for implementing automated access and content controls for enterprise-wide SharePoint and file share systems, compliance officers, executives, and administrators can prevent, detect, track, respond, and recover from privacy incidents and security breaches.

AvePoint Charts the Course to Productivity for All with MyView for the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Marketplace Preview
AvePoint’s newest product, chosen for the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Marketplace Preview, synchronizes tasks and calendar items across SharePoint into Microsoft Exchange, presenting them in Microsoft Outlook for one seamless view.

Enhancements for Seamless Governance of Content for Microsoft SharePoint Deployments Drive Release of DocAve 6 Service Pack 1
DocAve 6 SP1 offers new functionality for supporting cloud, compliance, data protection, and migration workloads for Microsoft SharePoint.

AvePoint Compliance Guardian Provides Automated Risk Mitigation System to Scan, Classify, Protect, and Audit Collaborative Environments
Compliance Guardian diminishes risks of privacy, security, and accessibility policy violations across Microsoft SharePoint, file shares, social sites, and other enterprise technology platforms.

AvePoint DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 1 Redefines Microsoft SharePoint as a Service
The next generation of AvePoint's product for automating end-to-end SharePoint service and information management delivers new features for site collection provisioning, site provisioning, site collection lifecycle management, and permissions management.

AvePoint DocAve Analytics Opens the Avenue to Microsoft SharePoint Intelligence
With an elegant Windows 8 user interface, DocAve Analytics simplifies the monitoring and reporting of SharePoint site usage, enabling organizations to make more proactive, intelligent site management decisions.

2013 AvePoint Compliance Guardian Closes the Door on Privacy, Security & Accessibility Violations

Compliance Guardian mitigates risks of accessibility, operational security, privacy violations, and site quality issues across Microsoft SharePoint, file shares, social sites, and other enterprise collaboration platforms.

Enhanced Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 Support Highlights Release of AvePoint's DocAve 6 Service Pack 2

Newest version of AvePoint’s award-winning DocAve Software Platform continues tradition of excellence by increasing business productivity, reducing total cost of ownership, providing IT assurance, and enabling security and compliance for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 deployments.

AvePoint DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 2 Expands Available Service Requests within Microsoft SharePoint

Modern graphical user interface and content move or copy capabilities enhance end user experience in the newest version of AvePoint’s solution for automating end-to-end SharePoint service and information management.

AvePoint Optimizes User Productivity and Data Quality for CRM Data with New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

This comprehensive set of products is designed to increase productivity and reduce business impact on the migration and adoption processes to Dynamics CRM while still delivering the functionality users expect in enterprise-class CRM solutions.

AvePoint Extends Collaboration to the Cloud with DocAve Online for Microsoft SharePoint

DocAve Online offers powerful administration, backup, and management capabilities to organizations utilizing Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint Online.

AvePoint to Provide Full Support for Organizations on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

AvePoint supports enterprises utilizing Windows Azure in its cloud computing initiatives, including Microsoft Office 365 management as a service, optimizing Microsoft SharePoint storage, as well as data protection and management of Azure-hosted SharePoint assets.

AvePoint Outsmarts the Chaos with Interactive Meetings App for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

AvePoint Meetings delivers new features for tracking notes, actions, and decisions, bringing order and efficiency to your organization’s meetings.

AvePoint Revolutionizes Business Productivity with Task and Calendar Sync App for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Task and Calendar Sync ensures knowledge workers will have the most up-to-date tasks and information at their fingertips by synching projects, tasks, and meetings into Microsoft Exchange accounts for view from Microsoft Outlook and other Exchange clients.

AvePoint Optimizes File Shares for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with DocAve File Share Navigator 3.0

DocAve File Share Navigator exposes file share content in SharePoint through direct links without migration, providing local or remote end-user access without degrading performance.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Support Highlights Release of AvePoint DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 3

With an intuitive catalog for content restructuring, permissions management, provisioning, and content lifecycle management, Governance Automation SP 3 allows organizations to provide SharePoint as a service to business users.

Enhanced Features and New Capabilities Highlight Release of AvePoint DocAve 6 Service Pack 3

Newest version of AvePoint’s award-winning DocAve Software Platform provides enhanced features for SharePoint governance and compliance as well as new capabilities for migration and disaster recovery, offering a complete data management solution.

AvePoint Enhances Collaboration in the Cloud with DocAve Online Service Pack 1

Newest version of AvePoint's robust cloud offering for Microsoft SharePoint adds Exchange Online backup and recovery functionality, ensuring organizational data can be found and restored with ease.

AvePoint Mitigates Risk and Protects Sensitive Data with Compliance Guardian SP 1

With support for file shares, websites, systems and applications, and Microsoft SharePoint, AvePoint’s latest release of its flagship compliance and risk management solution has new features to ensure sensitive organizational data is available to those who should have it and protected from the people who should not.

AvePoint Enhances User Productivity and Customer Relationship Management with AvePoint Timeline Enterprise

New AvePoint Timeline Enterprise solution offers organizations an optimized view of their CRM records on their mobile devices, while allowing for customization of their CRM to fit their specific business needs.

AvePoint Enables Organizations to Better Manage Customer Opportunities with AvePoint Pipeline Enterprise

AvePoint also updates AvePoint Productivity Suite to support metadata tagging of all Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity records for easy classification and search.

AvePoint Perimeter Governs Remote and Mobile SharePoint Access, Ensuring Security No Matter Where You Work

AvePoint’s new mobility solution ensures that your business-critical SharePoint assets are accessed by trusted users, on trusted devices, and within trusted locations to offer truly secure mobile collaboration.

AvePoint is Your Avenue to the Cloud with DocAve Online Service Pack 2

Updates to DocAve Online include audit reporting capabilities, support for Microsoft SkyDrive Pro and other cloud storage platforms, and enhanced permissions management.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Support Highlights New Release of DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 4

DocAve Governance Automation SP 4 enables proactive policy enforcement and complete control for SharePoint governance.

2014 New Data Protection, Governance, and Reporting Features Drive DocAve Online SP 3 Release

DocAve Online, hosted on Windows Azure, is AvePoint's software-as-a-service platform for Microsoft Office 365 management.

AvePoint Builds a Bridge to Safeguard Data in Compliance Guardian SP 2

AvePoint's latest release of its award-winning compliance and risk management solution adds new features to mitigate risk across more information gateways to support content and system privacy, security, site quality, and accessibility policies.

AvePoint and International Association of Privacy Professionals Launch New Privacy Impact Assessment Solution

The AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment solution helps organizations understand and automate the process of evaluating, assessing, and reporting on the privacy implications of their enterprise IT systems.